Inflation and War Finance

by Ron Paul
January 29, 2007

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How I Met Ron Paul, Part II

As I mentioned in Part I , I stayed up late into the night transcribing the exchange that I had heard earlier in the morning between Alan Greenspan and Ron Paul, to put up on my website. Later that day, I.M. Vronsky from Gold Eagle contacted me and asked if he could republish my transcript on the Gold Eagle web site.

How I First Met Ron Paul

Okay, I don’t actually know Ron Paul personally – I only know of him through his speeches on the House floor, his writings, and through his many appearances in documentaries that you can view on the web.

Welcome to the Daily Paul

Well, since word is starting to get out about this site, I figure I may as well launch it officially. The idea behind it, plain and simple, is to raise awareness about the Honorable Congressman Dr. Ron Paul and the issues he champions, with the ultimate intent of helping to elect him president of the United States in 2008.


Suggestions to Senator Webb for his response to President Bush's State of The Union, January 23, 2007

January 22, 2007


Hello Senator Webb,

Nuances don't work with the sound-bite media, Thoughts on the long road back

Fortunately, we have the internet.

For example, Ron Paul is pro-life, but there is nothing at the federal level that should permit or ban abortion, so he want the law to be status quo ante Roe. Actually SQA Griswold v. CT.

Probably worse is his ideas about immigration and (truly) free trade. The FT in NAFTA stands for free trade, but it really is managed reciprocal subsidies, tariffs, barriers, as well as currency manipulation.

VIDEO: Congressman Ron Paul from the San Francisco Hard Assets Investment Conference

VIDEO: Congressman Ron Paul from the San Francisco Hard Assets Investment Conference

An excellent video in which Dr Paul discusses a number of issues relating to the economy.

"Our debt is not repayable...there is going to be a default...but they keep writing checks..."

Comments on Site Format

Dear Friends,

Please set up a user name and log in to your account. With your account, you are given your very own blog, and you are also authorized to post stories as well. Please experiment - there is only a small group of people who know about this site.

After you have experimented a bit, please come back to this story and post any observations, difficulties and/or questions to this post. I would like to release this site to the general public this week, and keep it updated regularly as a way to raise awareness about Dr. Paul's campaign.

Ron Paul to Explore Running for President

It is official. Ron Paul has formed an exploratory committee for the purpose of running for President. The exploratory committee will allow him to raise money and gauge his chances for success. As soon as I heard the news, I jumped for joy, then posted the news on my blog, where a group of my friends and I have good natured arguments about politics, the economy, and whatever else is interesting. And I'll be damned! For the first time ever, everyone agreed: Ron Paul is the man!

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