June 2005:  NEW  Revenge of the Sith film review

May 2005:  Lust for Lines!

February 2004:  The Star Wars DVDs are coming in September: should we care?

November 2003:   The New Jedi Order series wraps up with the book The Unifying Force by James Luceno (spoilers)

Blue Harvest Episode Twenty-One: the virtual issue!
Even though it was 95% complete, BH21 never saw the light of day.
We have posted twelve articles from the 'lost BH issue' for your reading pleasure!

Special report: Star Wars Celebration in Denver Colorado, April 30 - May 2, 1999
This report was too long to print in a regular Blue Harvest issue; an edited version appears in BH17.  In the meantime, enjoy this Blue Harvest Web Page Exclusive Special Exended Edition Celebration report!

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About Blue Harvest
Blue Harvest was a printed fan zine for Star Wars fans of all ages.  It was founded in 1992 by Mary Jo Fox and James Addams, who published three issues per year until 2001.  Blue Harvest is an indie publication and is in no way connected with or endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd.

Mary Jo and James have both been Star Wars fans since May of 1977, when they saw the film at ages 7 and 9 respectively.  They met in 1992, and although they live in different states, they have remained friends and smoothly managed the publication of the ‘zine ever since.  Although extremely diverse in background (Mary Jo lives in Virginia and works in law; James lives in Chicago and works in the music industry), MJ and James find that their mutual love for Sci Fi in general and Star Wars in particular covers more than enough ground to keep the partnership interesting.

Each Episode (or issue) of Blue Harvest contains reviews of current Star Wars novels, comics and collectibles, news on upcoming events and merchandise, editorial comments, and feature articles on a wide range of topics.   These articles raange from a comparison of Star Wars to Asimov’s Foundation, to a look at the Star Wars episode of Donnie and Marie Osmond’s 1970’s TV show.  From an ongoing examination of how the Star Wars video games tie into the continuity established by the films and novels, to an article in the ineptitude of the Imperial Stormtrooper.  From a report on a fan who saw each of the three Special Edition films in a different European country to a report on poster collecting, Blue Harvest truly is the Voice of Fandom.

Blue Harvest prides itself on being the longest running printed (Yes! on PAPER!) SW ‘zine in history. Unlike other excellent and officially licensed Star Wars magazines such as the Star Wars Insider, Blue Harvest strives to present an editorial stance in keeping with the grass roots of fandom.  We believe that we are the only publication anywhere that has consistently reviewed (as opposed to previewed) all of the new Star Wars novels, trading cards, soundtrack reissues, comic books, toys, and movie re-releases in an unbiased and objective manner.  We have received positive reviews in such esteemed publications as Factsheet Five, The Chicago Reader, and Spectrum, and have formed alliances with top fan-run internet sites such as TheForce.Net and T-Bone Fender's Star Wars universe.

Regular features also include updates on the upcoming Star Wars prequel film series, tips on playing the Star Wars Customizable Card Game from Decipher, Clone Wars (an examination of the films that have ripped off the Star Wars films), and Delta Source, your up-to-the-minute news pipeline.   Letters of comment are included in each issue as well.

Interviews in the past have included Star Wars prequel producer Rick McCallum, Jeremy (Boba Fett) Bulloch, authors Mike Stackpole and Daniel Wallace, and many of the artists and writers for Dark Horse Comics'  Star Wars comic books (Tony Akins, Fred Blanchard, Oliver Vatine and others).

Thanks for your interest in Blue Harvest.  Enjoy your exploration of our modest web site, and if you like the sample articles we’ve posted, please order some of our ample supply of back issues.

Mary Jo    and    James

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