The Granite City, The Flower of Scotland, The Silver City by the Golden Sands…Aberdeen wears its titles with pride. A prosperous cosmopolitan city, with a historical old town, Aberdeen has one of Scotland’s most striking skylines. Here is a quintessentially northern city, whose granite makes buildings sparkle after rain; whose outlook is across the seas rather than to the Central Belt; and whose speech retains the Scots idiom as part of everyday communication.

The granite buildings such as Marishal College, His Majesty’s Theatre and St. Machar’s Cathedral give the city its distinctive look, whilst historical Old Aberdeen and the fishing village of Footdee, have an incredible air of time gone by.

Some things don’t change. You cannot escape the sea here, not since it was founded as a Royal burgh back in 1124. The influence of the harbour is everywhere (as are the gulls!), and the harvest of the North Sea continues. Where once streamlined clipper ships left the slipways for the China tea trade, now oil executives from all over the world drive to their comfortable homes in the suburbs.

Aberdeen has won the ‘Britain in Bloom’ competition many times and has taken its floral pulling power on to the European stage. The statistics are all there: two million roses, eleven million daffodils, three million crocuses.

You get the picture. Where other cities resort to grass, Aberdeen employs petal-power. One top attraction is the Winter Gardens in the Duthie Park, home to the stunning Rose Mountain. Even in the depths of winter, the aptly-named Winter Gardens provide colour and scent. At two acres (one hectare), it provides what some say is the largest area under glass in Europe.
The City of Aberdeen with a proud and fascinating history presents a modern cosmopolitan image to visitors. A thriving cultural calendar, lively theatre, and vibrant nightlife, along with excellent restaurants and attractions makes Aberdeen an energising city break choice.


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