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Ozzy Osbourne

No Rest For The Wicked

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And apparently no brains, either. This is a parody of an Ozzy Osbourne record – here you can hear the aging Oz give his banal opinions on televangelists ("Miracle Man" – surprise! He's against them), booze ("Demon Alcohol" – surprise! He's sorta against it) and the eternal battle with evil ("Devil's Daughter" – surprise! He's for it).

No Rest for the Wicked shows off a voice so shot from years of touring and abuse that even enveloped in layers of echo it still can't convey emotion. Ozzy achieves the same accuracy singing as he showed pouring orange juice in The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years. And if you can get past the wobbly vocals (no easy task), you can hear a band whose idea of heavy metal is a collection of clichés too shameless and overplayed for Whitesnake or Kingdom Clone. But if you want tough hard rock with even an iota of energy, go elsewhere. (RS 540)


(Posted: Dec 1, 1988)


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