Check out our own specialty designs, the Paratraxx© and the Classic Elvenspike© and also, the Elvenspike Rave©. Quickly, these two products are becoming huge hits and great sellers!! The beautiful Elvenspike Classic knife necklace is featured NOW in the current issue of Knives Illustrated magazine!! A true gem for the fantasy, sci-fi or medieval enthusiast! See below for details. Great for those LOTR fans! Lord of the Rings re-enactors love them!

Axtion Bladez Conceptz provided some of the weapons used on the Universal Studios movie with Vin Diesel, "Chronicles of Riddick" and we have your fan knives here! In the movie, Riddick uses the knive pictured below which you can see in the previews of the movie, both online and in the theaters now!! Order yours TODAY!


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If you would like to order a brand name knife, please let us know. Our website focuses on the unique and unusual, but we can also sell many of the brand name knives available to the public. Many of the brand names we can offer you are names like United Cutlery, Gerber, Buck, Browning, Bulldog, Camillus, Carolina Knife Company, CAS Iberia, Case, Chicago Cutlery, Cold Steel, Columbia River, Emerson, Frost, German Eye, Paul Chen, Harley Davidson, Henckel, Hen and Rooster, Hibben, Indian Head Cutlery, Junglee, Ithaca Knives, Ka-bar, Kershaw, Kit Rae Fantasy, Kutmaster, Leatherman, Linder, Marbles, Knives of Alaska, Mission Knives, Muela, Myerchin, Normark, Old Hickory, Ole Smokey, Old Timer, Ontario Knife Co., Opinel, Outdoor Edge, Outdoor Life, Puma, Queen Cutlery, Remington, Sawmill Cutlery, Schrade, SeberTech, Sheffield Military Knives, Smith and Wesson, SOG, Spyderco, Stanley, SwissTech, TigerSharp, Timberline, Tomahawk, Tool Logic, Uncle Henry, V-Tech, Victorinox, Walther, Warren Cutlery, Winchester, Wyoming Knife, and more. Just let us know if you would like to order something from some of these lines and what you are looking for and we will let you know if that particular knife is available and the price. We also carry many other knives, swords, daggers, fantasy knives, folding knives, SCA armor, SCA fighter helms, survival knives, firemaking kits, exotic imported soap, personal flashlights, survival gear, leathergoods, pouches, Scottish gilley shoes, flasks, and much more! If you don't see it...ask.

We are a great source for SCA fighter helms, SCA and LARP costume items, Sci-fi enthusiasts items, LOTR fans, unusual giftware and unique wares. If you don't find what you need on our site, please let us know and we'll see if we can find it for you. Don't miss our great scented soaps (imported!!) and other gifts to pamper your loved one or yourself.
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We have added a message board with changing topics to help our customers get the best possible service. Our first topic is "What new product would you like for us to develop?" If you would like add your input on what type of knives you would like to see us create and have produced, join in our message board and let us know!

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We have a new way for you to give the gift of a knife from us!! We have added GIFT CERTIFICATES to our store so you can order a gift certificate in $25, $50 or $100 amounts to give as gifts to your loved ones and friends!! You can find these at our page which explains how it works.
Here are some Axtion Bladez exclusives! These are some new blades that we have designed ourselves...the Paratraxx, Elvenspike Classic and Elvenspike Rave. All new and exclusive items will appear on this page first, then be moved to the appropriate page when other items take their place as they come along.

The Paratraxx

Taking Orders NOW!!

UPDATE! We have been selling these like crazy and have had great reviews!! Check out this awsome knife on it's own page HERE. Already featured in the "Points of Interest" section of Knives Illustrated Magazine! And, in the "What's New" section of Blade Magazine!! Get yours today!

The Elvenspike Classic Necklace Knife

UPDATE!! The Elvenspike Classic necklaces are available now for immediate shipping!! Order yours today...limited number available for now!! See the Elvenspike necklace page for more details!! They are going fast!!


The Elvenspike Rave

(Above are pictured some of our Elvenspike Rave necklaces...more pictures soon!)

UPDATE!! The Elvenspike Rave necklaces are ready now!! Order yours today!! See the Elvenspike necklace page for more details!!

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