The Alexander Dennis Trident dominates city streets in places as far apart as London, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. Exceptionally manoeuvrable, the super low floor double deck Trident is a firm favourite with operators.

It is equally popular with passengers who appreciate the comfortable and quiet ride, and of course the panoramic views from the upper deck.

Available in right or left hand drive layouts, with overall lengths from 9.9m to 11.4m as a 2 axle chassis, and a full 12m as a 3 axle design, Trident is firmly established as the world�s most efficient means of carrying large volumes of passengers in the smallest possible road space. More passengers mean more revenue.

Full air-suspension and automatic transmission make Trident uniquely fuel-efficient. Spacious, manoeuvrable and efficient.

* Maximised passenger capacity � over 100 on UK models, 130 on export
* Power ratings from 225PS to 335PS to suit operating terrain
* Full DDA compliant design
* Environmentally friendly Euro 3 / EPA low emission engines
* Body style to suit individual choice
* Right hand and left hand drive available.
* Extra flexibility in seating layouts
* Especially attractive to passengers
* Superbly manoeuvrable
* Range of wheelbase options to suit operating conditions
* Suitable for both city and tourist routes
* Easy maintenance
* Easy access and egress
* Step-free lower deck
* More seats in lower saloon
* Full headroom in both saloons
* Superb ride comfort
* Single or two door variants available
* 2 or 3 axle variants
* Right or left hand drive