A Guide To Censored MGM Cartoons

Cartoon titles in red are either new or updated entries!!

"Bad Luck Blackie" (Avery; 1949):

"Blitz Wolf" (Avery; 1942):

"Casanova Cat" (Hanna and Barbera; 1951):

"Car of Tomorrow" (Avery; 1951):

"The Cuckoo Clock" (Avery; 1950):

"Daredevil Droopy" (Avery; 1951):

"Dixieland Droopy" (Avery; 1954):

"Droopy's Good Deed" (Avery; 1951):

"Dog Trouble" (Hanna and Barbera; 1942):

"The Early Bird Dood It" (Avery; 1942):

"The First Bad Man" (Avery; 1955):

"Flirty Birdy" (Hanna and Barbera; 1945):

"Fraidy Cat" (Hanna and Barbera; 1942):

"Garden Gopher" (Avery; 1950):

"Happy-Go-Nutty" (Avery; 1944):

"Henpecked Hoboes" (Avery; 1946):

"The Hick Chick" (Avery; 1946):

"His Mouse Friday" (Hanna and Barbera; 1951):

"Jerky Turkey" (Avery; 1945):

"Jerry's Diary" (Hanna and Barbera; 1949):

"Kitty Foiled" (Hanna and Barbera; 1948):

"Life With Tom" (Hanna and Barbera; 1953):

"The Little Orphan" (Hanna and Barbera; 1949):

"Little Runaway" (Hanna and Barbera; 1952):

"Little 'Tinker" (Avery; 1948):

"Little Wise Quacker" (Lundy; 1952):

"Lucky Ducky" (Avery; 1948):

"Magical Maestro" (Avery; 1952):

"The Milky Waif" (Hanna and Barbera; 1946):

"Mouse Cleaning" (Hanna and Barbera; 1948):

"The Mouse Comes to Dinner" (Hanna and Barbera; 1945):

"Mouse in Manhattan" (Hanna and Barbera; 1945):

"A Mouse in the House" (Hanna and Barbera; 1947):

"Mouse Trouble" (Hanna and Barbera; 1944):

"Old Rockin' Chair Tom" (Hanna and Barbera; 1948):

"Part-Time Pal" (Hanna and Barbera; 1947):

"Puss N' Toots" (Hanna and Barbera; 1942):

"Puss Gets the Boot" (Hanna and Barbera; 1940):

"Red Hot Riding Hood" (Avery; 1943):

"Safety Second" (Hanna and Barbera; 1950):

"Saturday Evening Puss" (Hanna and Barbera; 1950):

"Trap Happy" (Hanna and Barbera; 1946):

"The Truce Hurts" (Hanna and Barbera; 1948):

"The Two Mouseketeers" (Hanna and Barbera; 1952):

"T.V. of Tomorrow" (Avery; 1953):

"What Price Fleadom" (Avery; 1948):

"Yankee Doodle Mouse" (Hanna and Barbera; 1943):

NOTE ABOUT MAMMY IN THE TOM & JERRY CARTOONS (Thanks to Randy Watts): Regarding the black/white versions of Mammy Two-Shoes in the Tom and Jerry cartoons. The "White Mammy Two-Shoes" versions were created back in the 1960s for CBS when they were airing these cartoons. The work was done by Chuck Jones's crew when Jones was making new Tom and Jerry theatricals. I recall reading Chuck's remarks that at the time M-G-M still had most of its old animation artwork on file, so it was pretty much just a matter of retracing and repainting the original pencil animation and photographing it against recreated backgrounds. This new "White Mammy" material was then cut into dupe negatives of the cartoons in question to replace the original "Black Mammy" footage. Voice actress June Foray was brought in to redub the soundtracks. (Incidentally, that voice is supposed to be Irish.) Instances where the "White Mammy" has a "Black Mammy" voice (or vice versa) is a result of carelessness. Picture and sound elements on film masters are stored separately. What happens is simply that someone isn't paying attention and matches a newer "White Mammy" picture element to the original "Black Mammy" sound element (or vice versa).

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Thanks to Brian Cruz for images from "Bad Luck Blackie", "The Cuckoo Clock", "Happy-Go-Nutty", "The Hick Chick", "Magical Maestro", and "What Price Fleadom"

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