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My homosexual marriage will not impact your heterosexual marriage.



§   Marriage by definition is the union of a man and woman; it is a timeless institution that has transcended every culture and nation.  To legally change that definition means same-sex marriage also becomes the social norm or ideal.  Redefining marriage would forever alter the meaning of marriage and family for everyone, not just two isolated individuals.  (more)



Denying same-sex couples the right to marry is discriminatory and violates basic principles of equality.


§   All individuals have value and should be treated with dignity.  But same-sex marriage advocates do not have the right to redefine marriage for the entire society.  This debate isn’t about equality or discrimination; it’s about changing marriage into something it has never been before. (more)



Prohibiting same-sex marriage is the same as prohibiting interracial marriage as some states used to do. 



§   Laws banning interracial marriage were designed to keep the races apart, not about changing the definition of marriage.  Race has nothing to do with marriage, but gender does.  (more)



Same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue.



§   Marriage is an institution that transcends culture, and predates our Constitution.  Our Nation’s Bill of Rights applies only to the individual, not couples. (more)



Isn’t marriage just about love and commitment?



§   Marriage is rooted in the natural order of procreation, the state has a compelling interest in supporting and encouraging the ideal family unit for the nurturing and development of children. (more)



Marriage provides a safety net of protections and benefits that same-sex couples are currently denied.


§   Many of the benefits same-sex couples desire are available through contracts.  Issues of hospital visitation, inheritance rights, health care proxies, and powers of attorney are all available by contract.   There are other benefits that could be legislated. (more)



We let couples who are unable to conceive marry.  So allow homosexuals to marry.



§   Marriage doesn’t require couples to create children.  It simply recognizes that all children are conceived in an opposite-sex relationship (and often in an unplanned encounter) and no child could be conceived through a homosexual encounter. Sterility is the exception, not the rule.  We don’t set societal norms or laws based on exceptions.  (more)



A few other countries recognize same-sex marriage: Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium, and their societies have not crumbled as opponents say.




§   The Scandinavian countries provide evidence on the impact of same-sex marriage on the general society.  In those countries, there are fewer marriages, more out-of-wedlock births, and extremely low birthrates.  In making marriage inclusive to homosexuals, heterosexuals no longer view marriage as necessary, or meaningful, even to raise children. (more)



Don’t children just need two loving parents?         


§   That was a key argument for advocates of no-fault divorce laws thirty-years ago. Studies show that the love of parents cannot always mitigate the harmful effects of divorce.  Kids need both their mom and dad because men and women are not interchangeable.

 §   We recognize that a two-parent home may not always be possible.  Certainly, a caring society should support and aid single-parent families, but a wise society should never intentionally create families without a mother or father.



Same-sex marriage will not impact religious freedom.




§   A tiny fraction of adults seek to impose their morality on the majority by redefining a societal institution that has existed throughout history – before the United States Constitution was even written and in all of Western civilization.  Same-sex marriage has far reaching implications for religious freedom. (more)



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