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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Allies for Marriage and Children?

Allies for Marriage and Children is a non-partisan coalition of community leaders and organizations dedicated to preserving the definition of marriage in Washington State as the union between one man and one woman.

Who supports Allies for Marriage and Children?

All individuals and parents who choose to uphold the authentic model of marriage for children. Allies speaks to the "silent majority" of Washington citizens who believe that every child has a birthright to a mother and father.

What are the goals of Allies for Marriage and Children?

Allies seeks to educate voters, parents, and public officials on the need to preserve the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman, to recognize the importance of the marriage relationship to the development and nurturing of children, and to guarantee all voters in Washington the right to determine how marriage is defined under the law.

Is Marriage Safe?

Washington's Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) remains the law in Washington. The decision means that the Supreme Court will not judicially impose gay marriage on Washington's citizenry. The victory gives us an opportunity to proactively protect marriage. As many of you know, it is better to be on the "offense" that the "defense." The court's decision allows us to be on the offense.

While we cannot overstate the significance of our victory, we must remember this was a major battle, not the war.  The other side has begun taking steps to redefine marriage in the Legislature and public opinion.  In fact, they have already launched a nation-wide public education campaign designed to make “gay marriage” seem normal and acceptable. The discrimination argument will come up again, and the terms “fairness”, “tolerance” and “marriage equality” will come up again and again.  The battle we are in is not for the people who have already made up their minds, but for those in our state who have not.  We must build on this victory.  Marriage is our most fundamental societal institution.   We must remain vigilant in our efforts to protect children and families from its redefinition. 

What’s next for Allies?


The fight for marriage has now moved from the Court to the Legislature and the citizenry.  As you can see, the majority based much of its decision on principles of representative democracy.  It emphasized that while the court did not have the authority to redefine marriage, the Legislature or the citizenry (through the initiative process) could do so. 


It is imperative that Allies, the only Washington organization solely focused on preserving marriage between a man and a woman, continue to urge legislators and citizenry to reject gay marriage and to value the unique characteristics that traditional marriage provides to children and society.  click here for more info.


Just What Did The Court Say?


Many believed the Washington Supreme Court would align itself with Massachusetts and become the second state to impose gay marriage by judicial fiat.  Gay marriage advocates viewed Washington as a key battleground and likely source of needed momentum for their campaign.  To everyone’s surprise, the Court’s decision was strong and clear to preserve marriage to a union between a man and a woman.  It serves as one of the strongest pro-marriage decisions in the nation.  National pro-family organizations have hailed the Washington ruling as likely the “tipping point” in the gay marriage battle.  Attorneys will cite the court’s decision around the nation and the world and for generations to come.


Some suggest the victory is less significant because we won by a narrow margin (5-4).  Courts routinely decide the most important and precedent-setting cases by close margins.   As those who compete know, when you’re playing a championship game, it matters little whether you win by 1 or 10 points.  What matters is that you won – and we won.  In fact, the majority of the Supreme Court accepted every argument proposed by our side. click here for more info.



How Can I Stay Up-To-Date On Developments?

Please check the website for recent articles, postings of official Allies newsletters, press releases and to get the latest news and related links.  www.alliesformarriage.org  Allies will send quarterly email newsletters updating you on its work.  You should also feel free to call Allies’ Executive Director, Cheryl Haskins.



Who Do I Contact If I Need More Information?


Cheryl Haskins, Executive Director

Allies for Marriage and Children

Allies’ office phone: (206) 347-3539

(206) 391-3907 cell (best number)

8:30-5:00PM (summer hours)




How do I write to Allies for Marriage and Children?


Allies for Marriage and Children

P.O. Box 18408

Seattle, WA 98118

Phone: 206.347.3539



How can I give to Allies?  Click here to donate: Donate



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