Apollo 30th Anniversary
Working together before we were working together. One of the threads of common heritage that ties together the people of Boeing is also one of the watershed events of the 20th century: landing a human on the moon. More than 30 years before the people of Boeing, Boeing North American (the former Rockwell aerospace units) and McDonnell Douglas came together as The Boeing Company, they worked together to make possible Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon on July 20, 1969. Just as the International Space Station is doing today at Boeing, Apollo 11 brought together the great energy, grand visions and strong passion of Boeing people working on a U.S. space program that was going full tilt. These people took great pride in being part of this adventure of a lifetime.

Newsweek cover & article From October 1968 through July 1969, the United States launched five Apollo missions: Apollo 7 made the first flight to Earth orbit; Apollo 8 made the first orbit of the moon; Apollo 9 and 10 tested the Lunar Module; Apollo 11 landed men on the moon. In 10 months, the great team of more than 300,000 workers from 20,000 companies in 50 states focused their innovation, daring and speed on the unprecedented history-making effort.

Boeing built the first stage of the Saturn V launch vehicle, integrated the overall 363-foot rocket, and designed the Lunar Roving Vehicle. North American Rockwell designed and built the Saturn V second stage, the Command & Service Modules, and its Rocketdyne division built all the main engines used on the Saturn V. McDonnell Douglas built the Saturn V's third stage.


July 16, 1969

"We Came In Peace For All Mankind... "

The people of Boeing continue to work at the forefront of space achievement by imagining and planning for amazing exploits of the next century.

We work toward the commercial development of space, which will be driven by low-cost access to orbit.

We dare to dream of further exploration of our solar system and the far reaches of the universe. Today as one company, Boeing employees lead the way in space, based on more than 50 years of building the very foundation that has pioneered America's space efforts.

Thoughts on the passing of Apollo 12 astronaut Pete Conrad.

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