Herb's Boat Pages (Pages last re-edited Sept 15, 2006)

Welcome to my boating pages. I have built several boats over the years. Most of the boats I build are flat bottomed craft as that I what makes best sense for the type of boating and building conditions I have locally (and they are quick to build).

Click on the hyper link to get a picture of the boat and more information:

            NEW for 2006! The picnic boat Nini

A Row Boat for Two designed by Jim Michalak called RB42

My favourite boat is Jim Michalak design for a 15-foot sharpie camp cruiser AF3

Popular Science / American Plywood Association one sheet of plywood ONE-MAN Dinghy

 The One-Sheet Skiff (this is my own design) (free plans and building instructions) 

Ken Swan's Little Gem

Ken Brown's Lark

Reuel Parker's 19-foot Small Ohio Sharpie

 Don Moor's Lightning 17 kayak


Some Links:

Jim Michalak's Boat Designs


Waters Dancing Building supplies plus some very comprehensive plywood canoe and kayak kits


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