McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base

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McGhee Tyson is  the home of the 134th Air Refueling Wing, 228th Combat Communications Squadron, 572nd AF Band and the I.G. Brown Training and Education Center.

In the 1920’s the family of Lieutenant Charles McGhee Tyson donated land to the City of Knoxville for an airfield, with the stipulation that the facility bear the name of the naval aviator killed in action during World War I.  Lieutenant Tyson’s airplane was lost on a raid on a German submarine base at Zeebrugee, Belgium.

In 1952, McGhee Tyson was established as an Air Force Base to protect East Tennessee industry: Alcoa, Oak Ridge and TVA dams.  In 1957 by direction of the National Guard Bureau, McGhee Tyson became part of the Air National Guard.


It is more than just a word.  We live in the "Volunteer State" (Tennessee).  We've been known as volunteers since the war of 1812 when a huge number of Tennessee citizens volunteered to augment Federal forces under the command of General Andrew Jackson and displayed marked valor in the "Battle of New Orleans".  We're all volunteers...none of us were drafted in to the Tennessee Air National Guard.  We had to ask to be here.  We "Volunteered"!  The 134th ARW is know as the "Volunteer Unit"; a unit that always steps forward for the toughest jobs.  That's one reason we have received eight Outstanding Unit Awards and that's why we are...

Making a difference...

We really do make a difference.  In some way we touch the lives of every American.  When we travel to a far away land to perform our mission, we're representing all Americans.  When we went to Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, we were doing it for all Americans.  That why we can proudly say we are making a difference...

For America...

American states with home and with our families.  We make a difference to them.  We also make a difference in our Community.  When we volunteer we help organizations such as the Blount County Children's Home or give to the United Way, we're making a difference.  We make a difference in our State when we volunteer to help in the War on drugs, or when we help in any number of natural disasters.  That's why when you hear our vision statement you know it's more than just a catch phrase, we really are...

Volunteers...Making a Difference for America!

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Last Updated: Tuesday, October 24, 2006