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Um Jammer Lammy

You still gotta believe!
Um Jammer Lammy is the sequel to Parappa the Rapper - a gaming classic to some, and a pile of old dog poo to others. Instead of a rapping puppy dog, we're inveigled with the adventures of a guitar-strumming sheep.

Lammy plays lead guitar in her band Milkcan, but she's always late to the gig. In the game, you help her as she faces lots of unlikely delays, including a burning building, an air emergency and a worrying bit where she thinks she's pregnant, but it turns out to be gas.

Each time she gets involved in a musical battle with another character. For every line they rap out, marked with PlayStation controller symbols, Lammy has to return in kind with her air guitar antics. Play well and you are both rewarded and moved on to the next stage. Play badly, and the scene comes apart around you ears.



Um Jammer Lammy may look like its for kids, but its too difficult for them. Just like the first game it's a cool but short-lived Japanese oddity


Coming Soon!
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