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ISKCON Communications Journal provides a forum for sharing realisations, experience and research about ISKCON's attempts to communicate the Gaudiya Vaisnava message to governments, academics, other faith communities, the media, its own members and others. ICJ also provides a forum for members of various communities to comment on ISKCON's development in these areas.


Editorial Board
Saunaka Rishi Dasa
Lyall Ward

Advisory Board
Anuttama Dasa (IC, USA)
Thomas J. Hopkins (Franklin & Marshall College, USA)
Kim Knott (Leeds University, UK)
Mukunda Goswami (GBC, USA)
Pranada Devi Dasi (USA)
Radha Devi Dasi (IC, USA)
Ravindra Svarupa Dasa (GBC, USA)
E. Burke Rochford, Jr (Middlebury College, USA)
Sadaputa Dasa (Bhaktivedanta Institute, USA)
Satyaraja Dasa (Folk Books, USA)
Virabhadra Dasa (Italy)

ISKCON Communication Journal's board of reference and ICJ's Editorial Board do not necessarily agree with the views published in this journal. Copyright of all material in ICJ, unless otherwise stated, rests with ICJ. For permission to reproduce or translate material, apply to the Editorial Board.


Articles and letters, addressing any issue covered by the title and contents of the journal and placing the discussion in the context of ISKCON's communication to various publics, are welcomed by the Editorial Board. Articles of up to 5000 words are invited, although longer contributions will also be considered. Please send manuscripts to the Editorial Board at the address below.

Contact details:

ISKCON Communications Journal
63 Divinity Road
Tel: +44 1865 304315
Fax: +44 1865 304301

Comments and Suggestions

Please feel free to send the webmaster of this section of the site some mail. All comments and suggestions will be much appreciated and acknowledged.

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