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PHOTOCOPIES of the long out of print Episodes One and Two are now available.
They have a lot of very cool classic material, and you cannot live without them!
Among the coolness is the debut of Delta Source (which features short snips of news from the worlds of SW fandom), Debbie Kittle's RPG column in which she reviews every West End Games RPG book ever, and Mary Jo Fox's Clone Wars in which she exposes films that have been influenced by - or have blatantly stolen from - Star Wars trilogy.

BH5 coverEpisode Three: Debut of Randal Yard's A Binding Force, a regular feature examining how the many diverse tales told outside of the films and even the novels weave together to form the Star Wars continuity.╩ He start off by examining the comic books.╩╩ Bruce J. Olson writes on Poster collecting, Tony (Freedon Nadd Uprising) Akins interviewed by James, Debut of Sarlacc Pit a semi-regular column in which James lays into the makers of SW goods that aren't up to snuff. Jonathan Russell claims to have seen "the lost Biggs footage", Mary Jo gives tips for writing fanfic.╩ Extra bonus sized issue!╩ 36 pages!╩ One of our best ever!
Clone Wars, Reviews, Delta Source, Letters, RPG

Episode Four: Diplomacy in Fandom by Mary Jo and James, Record Collecting by James, Children's Novels examined by Randal, consumer's guide to QVC by Mary Jo, RPG by Khairul Hisham and Debbie Kittle. 28 pages
Clone Wars, Reviews, Delta Source, Sarlacc Pit, Letters, RPG

Episode Five: I am not a happy fan!  by Mary Jo, Jedi Convent '94 report by Maikel Das and Pia Rasmussen, Compendium of Lost Footage by Ryan Silva, the first prequel report ever by Brent Lynch, Randal looks at the SW timeline, Tom Huff provides and episode guide to the Droids and Ewoks cartoons, Bruce J. Olsen's The Resurrection of Boba Fett  essay.
Clone Wars, Reviews, Delta Source, Sarlacc Pit, Letters, RPG

BH11 coverEpisode Six: Jack Camden begins his reappraisal and checklist of the old Marvel Star Wars Comics, collecting props and costumes by Dave Toof, Star Wars on the Internet by Dan Wallace, The  Eight Against A World  story line from the old Marvel SW comics examined by Randal,╩Skyrocketing  by Steve Head, Con Report by Derek Tate, Part One of the Wedge Antilles Wedge-A-Rama by Addams, Veaudry, and Hilliard.╩ One of our best issues ever!
Clone Wars, Reviews, Delta Source, Sarlacc Pit, Letters, RPG

Episode Seven: Star Wars on the Donnie and Marie Show by Dan Wallace, Wedge A-go-go part 2 by James and Matt Hilliard, Marvel Comics checklist and plot summaries part 2 by Jack Camden, the X-Wing video game examined by Randal Yard, What is it with Luke?  by Scott Corrales, and little kids running around pretending to be Darth Vader by James Addams.╩╩ 28 pages.
Clone Wars, Reviews, Delta Source, Sarlacc Pit, Letters, RPG

Episode Eight: Dark Forces  examined by Randal, Prop Collecting part two by Dave Toof, a trip to Star Wars University by Paul Michael Kane, SW- Chicken Soup for the soul?  by Mary Jo Fox.       28 pages.
Clone Wars, Reviews, Delta Source, Sarlacc Pit, Letters, RPG

Episode Nine:╩ Brian Daley and╩Mike Stackpole interviewed by Alex newborn and Paul Michael Kane (respectively), The Empire Strikes Out   by Jim Johnson, Con Reports by Matt Busch, Mary Jo and Debbie Kittle, the  Doomworld story arc from the old Marvel Comics SW series examined by Randal, lots of Shadows of the Empire news and reviews.
Clone Wars, Reviews, Delta Source, Sarlacc Pit, Letters, RPG

BH13 coverEpisode Ten: SW comic book artists╩ Kennedy, Vatine and╩ Blanchard╩ interviewed by Uwe Lippick and Maikel Das, In defense of the SpEds by Mary Jo, Heirs Apparent: a look at the post-ROTJ bad guys by Paul Michael Kane, SW: the homemade version by Scott Corrales, Part one of "Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell" by Randal Yard, and SW: CCG╩ hints from James. 28 pages.
Clone Wars, Reviews, Prequel Watch, Delta Source, Letters

Episode Eleven: Mary Jo debunks some myths, Alex Newborn contributes Color Matters Not: Racism in the SW Saga, James contributes Zen and the Art of Toy Collecting, Randal continues his A Binding Force  series with Part Two of his look at╩ Rebel Mission To Ord Mantell, extensive ANH Special Edition reviews, the debut of Hyperwave Scan, a new feature listing SW references or features on TV, cinema, magazines, or elsewhere in recent months.
Clone Wars, Reviews, Prequel Watch, Delta Source, Hyperwave Scan, Sarlacc Pit, Letters

Episode Twelve: Mary Jo defends fandom, Shadows of Another Empire: SW and Asimov  by Scott Corrales, Randal Yard reads The Wookiee Storybook,  Paul Michael Kane goes looking for Ben Burtt's Sound FX sources, James goes to a CCG tournament, extensive ESB and ROJ Special Edition reviews.
Reviews, Prequel Watch, Delta Source, Hyperwave Scan, Sarlacc Pit, Letters

Episode 12.5: (Twelve and a half): This special four-page mini-issue was mailed FREE to subscribers and became an instant collectible!╩ It may be small, but Size Matters Not because it also includes a free, full color, 24"x36" Yoda poster, courtesy of Decipher Inc.!
Prequel Watch, Delta Source, Con Reports. ($8.00 + postage)

Episode Thirteen:╩ Mary Jo on younger SW fans, James on Dagobah CCG decks, Randal Yard on the TIE Fighter video game, James and Maikel Das give con reports, Uwe Lippick interviews Rick McCallum, Mary Jo reports on the SW exhibit at the Smithsonian, James interviews Jeremy Bulloch and adds an unexpected sequel to "Zen and the Art of Toy Collecting" from (BH11).
Clone Wars, Reviews, Prequel Watch, Delta Source, Hyperwave Scan, Letters.

Episode Fourteen: When Ewoks Attack: Defending the Furballs by Mary Jo Fox, The New Trilogy vs. the Classic: Closing the Gap by James Addams, The Importance of Being Obi-Wan by Scott Coralles, Interview: Dan Wallace, Star Wars: The Magic of Myth "Nickel Tour" by Mary Jo Fox.
Clone Wars, Reviews, Prequel Watch, Delta Source, Hyperwave Scan, Letters.

Episode Fifteen: Sex, Violence and Mara Jade, by James Addams,   Mary Jo's Magic 8-ball by Mary Jo Fox, Dateline: Alderaan by Scott Coralles,  CCG: Jabba's Palace, 1998 Chicago Comicon report by James Addams, and the third installment of Zen and the Art of Collecting Toys, featuring the already classic Action Figure Cage Match.
Clone Wars, Reviews, Prequel Watch, Delta Source, Hyperwave Scan, Letters.

Epsiode Sixteen: Deconstructing Lando by Scott Coralles, Are We Spoiled Rotten? by Mary Jo Fox, The Force Was With Me by Gina Goad,  Millennium Countdown: An interview with Documentarian Jeff Cioletti by Mary Jo Fox, The Sarlacc Pit: LucasArts and The Macintosh Platform by James Addams, Clone Wars: The Black Hole by Mary Jo Fox,
Prequel Watch, Delta Source, Hyperwave Scan, Letters, ten pages of Reviews.

Episode Seventeen:  A Jam-packed Epsiode, and one of our best ever.  Full reviews of Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace by bothJames and Mary Jo.  James reports on the Star Wars Celebration in Denver.  R. Scott Rogers contributes Vader: Hero of the Rebellion, Ginger Dzerk writes about her SW experiences while travelling in Europe, Scott Coralles looks at Splinter of the Mind's Eye 20 years later, guest Dave merill takes over Clone Wars for an issue, James admits he's a total geek - find out how and why, and read Mary Jo's take on the media's treatment of girrrrls in fandom.  Plus - an unprecedented amount of reviews, and one of the best CCG columns to date.

Episode Eighteen:  Fan art by Maikel Das, Joe Corroney and Jeff Carlisle.  Axes to Grind by Mary Jo Fox, Magic 8-Ball Revisited by Mary Jo Fox, CCG: Endor and Young Jedi by James Addams, Weird Moments in Star Wars History, by Mary Jo Fox, Phantoms of the Round Table: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and the Arthurian Cycle, by Scott Coralles, The Music of Episode One by James Addams, part two of our reprints of The Norm by Michael Jantze, Reviews of:  Starfighters of Adumar, TPM Trading Cards, TPM: Behind the Scenes, TPM Comics, Jedi Apprentice books, The Science of Star Wars, TPM Insdier's Guide, various price guides, Incredible Internet Guide to Star Wars, Hard Merchandise, The Art of TPM, TPM Portfolio, TPM Incredible Cross Secrtions and Visual Dictionary, Essential Guide to Droids, C-3PO Masterpiece Edition, and New Action Figures.  Plus even more cool stuff, if you can believe it, like letters and asome great cartoons, Natalie Portman's yearbook picture, and Separated At... Hatching, which you absolutely must see to understand.

Episode Nineteen: Dual covers by Jeff Carlisle and Joe Corroney, James Magic 8-Ball, Suddenly, Last Summer by Mary Jo Fox, Been There - Filmed That by David Toof, The Nescessity of Fandom by James Addams, Dirge for a Dark Lord by Scott Coralles, Star Wars Coast to Coast by James Addams, Chewbacca tribute by James, Mary Jo, Dan Wallace, Michael Jantze, Debbie Kittle, T-Bone Fender, Jeff Cioletti, Jeff Carlisle, Ginger Dzerk, Amando Palumbo and others, Reviews of Vector Prime, Ewan McGregor: From Jedi to Junkie, Onslaught, various CD's, A Galaxy Far Far Away, and lots more cool stuff.

Episode Twenty:  I Thought OT Stood For Overtime by Mary Jo Fox, The Blue Harvest Story by R2-D2 and C-3PO, Interview: Meco by James Addams, A Paean to the Lego Group by Jim Johnson, Han Tangent by Rich Gawel, Zen and the Force by Ben Hagood, Interviews: Shanon (Mara Jade) Baksa and Mike (Nien Nunb) Quinn by Ben Hagood, "I See Sir Luke" by Gregory M Ahrenhoerster, lots of reviews, and a cover by Jeff Carlisle.

Episode Tewnty-One: Destiny in the Balance by Scott Coralles, Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet by Brandon Oakley, convention reportts by Maikel Das and James Addams, 1991:  The Year SW Broke...Again by Mary Jo Fox, reviews of Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter, Balance Point, Onslaught, and more!

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