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The Pythian Group is a leading global provider of remote DBA services. Experts at getting fine-tuned performance out of the Oracle database symphony, Pythian provides its clients with an unrivaled level of DBA proficiency, sophisticated Oracle monitoring and reporting, and 24/7/365 service.

Pythian's remote Oracle Database Administration includes custom software solutions developed to answer specific business needs efficiently and comprehensively. From advanced graphics-based trends analysis to sophisticated time tracking by-the-minute, Pythian's DBA tools leverage the maximum out of the Oracle software for every database.
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The Pythian Factor

Pythian’s team of international database experts is at least 20% more efficient than an in-house DBA. Find out why…

Does your DBA bill you only for actual minutes worked? We do.

Pythian's Management Reports enable you to track Pythian's Oracle DBA efforts by business application, by profit center, by server, or by technical category. Learn more.