Dr. Donald J. Wolfram Dr. Donald J. Wolfram, General Superintendent (1986-2000)

Promoted to Glory

Donald Justin Wolfram, 83, Bishop

    Dr. Donald J. Wolfram left this life on August 25, 2003, after a brief bout with pancreatic cancer. He was 83. He was immediate past president and general superintendent of the Pillar of Fire International Christian denomination, an office he held from 1985 through 2000. He was laid to rest at Belleview Cemetery, Westminster, Colorado, on the campus where he had labored so faithfully for the Lord.
      Dr. Wolfram was born November 13, 1919, at Zarephath, NJ, to Rev. Albert and Rev. Gertrude Metlen Wolfram, pioneer missionaries in the Pillar of Fire. He was ordained to the ministry at age 16, later was consecrated a bishop, and spent his life working for the cause of Christ and holiness of heart and life.
      Dr. Wolfram earned his bachelor’s degree from Alma White College, his master’s from Columbia University, and his doctorate from the University of Denver. He married Rev. Phyllis Hoffman in 1948; they had five children. She died in 1985.
      Dr. Wolfram taught extensively in Pillar of Fire high schools and colleges and was Dean Emeritus of Belleview Christian College in Westminster. He was co-pastor of Pillar of Fire Alma Temple in Denver and had a long-time radio ministry on KPOF Christian radio as well as other Pillar of Fire stations. He had a heart for missions, making dozens of missionary trips all over the world and recording a daily missions program, “Go and Tell,” for over 25 years. He was vigorous and active in full-time ministry until the final week of his life. He loved music and could play nearly every band and orchestra instrument. He loved to ski, swim, play tennis, and travel.
      Dr. Wolfram was preceded in death by, in addition to his wife, his two brothers, Orland and Gordon. He is survived by his children–Suzanne (David M. Larue), Phillip (Neta), Charlene (Keith) Maines, Donna (Ron) Reiner, and Lorraine (Bruce) Lepley–fourteen grandchildren: Justin and Jennifer Wolfram-Larue; Phillip Jr., Albert, Preston, and Edward Wolfram; Anastasia and Matthew Maines; Brittany, Katherine, and Christine Reiner; and Amanda, Thomas, and James Lepley; nephews and nieces Gordon Wolfram, Texas; Kristin Wolfram, Montana; Bonnie Breckley, William C. "Chip" Beaver, and Missy Hoffman, Pennsylvania; and countless brothers and sisters in the Lord.
    Contributions in his memory would be gratefully received at Pillar of Fire Missions, 1302 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203. Memorial contributions may also be directed to Belleview Christian College, 3455 W 83rd Ave., Westminster, CO 80031.   Denver Post obituary

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