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Black Lab To Be Featured On The Addiction V.4
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 Sunday, August 08, 2004

Black Lab will be featured on the next unsigned bands compilation from Alternative Addiction, The Addiction V.4.  The compilation will feature Black Lab's song "Lonely Boy" which is from the unreleased studio album the band recorded last year.

The Addiction V.4 Compilation will also feature music from Stroke 9, 7 Mary 3, Flickerstick, Proximity Grey, 19 Wheels, Fifth Year Crush, and many other great unsigned bands.  The CD will go on sale 8/24/04, but you can preview the album online right now in the AA Store.

Black Lab lead singer Paul Durham is also releasing old solo material from the early 90's on the Black Lab website.  In a recent post at Paul Durham explains how their new album is still being planned to be released in the near future and how he is releasing old material he made as the band "Durham".

Here at Black Lab central we are getting out of the music business and into the business of making music -- making it ourselves and then making it available to you. we've got a couple more leads to pursue in getting See the Sun distributed but if it doesn't happen in the next months then I'm just going to print it up and get it to you direct.

meanwhile, my friends have been bugging me for years to release the old stuff I did with my critically-acclaimed, acoustic-based singer-songwriter folk-rock experiment of the mid-90's called Durham. so what the hell, I made up some artwork, sent it off to the press, and here it is:

Paul Durham
Ten Million Years
Songs from the Nineteen Nineties

so now my friends are happy, and hopefully you'll be happy too. it's all good stuff, listening back on it. I hated it for awhile but now realize why people love it so much. it was recorded extremely well and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling, and still sounds really good. it's prettier stuff, but with some muscle and you can hear the darkness of the Lab creeping in as the songs progress.

eleven of the songs are from this group, which included Hershel Yatovitz (Chris Isaac's band) on guitar, Jim Kassis (Rinde Eckert, etc.) on drums and Paul Baker on bass. among these eleven songs is the original version of "Time Ago" and the song "Dream in Color," the newest version of which will come out on See the Sun, and "Walk Slow," which we recorded for "Your Body Above Me" and will someday appear as an outtake. the guys are great musicians and had it not been for our idiot manager we would have signed with Mercury in 1995.

this disc also includes an unreleased acoustic version of Black Lab in the studio playing "Wash it Away" (it's my favorite version), as well as LIVE acoustic duo versions of "Can't Keep the Rain" and "Sleeps With Angels" (with extra bonus attempts at comedy). the cd ends with the original demo version of "Ten Million Years" from the acoustic session that got me signed to Geffen. it's a different take on the song, interesting and beautiful in its own right.

For more info on this or anything else on Black Lab, visit their website at

Kevin Griffin Working With Howie Day on New Album

After their success in 2005 writing the song "Collide" together, Better Than Ezra front man Kevin Griffin has been tapped by singer/songwriter Howie Day to help write and produce his new album which is slated for release sometime in 2007.


Dig the New Incubus Video?

Incubus has invited fans to submit their home made videos for their new single "Dig", in a contest called "I Dig Incubus". The top 5 videos have been selected, and now Incubus wants the fans to pick out which one should be the official video for the new single.

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