Student work Employment and debut Participating of graduate
Curriculum Result of lecturer and lecturer Care and security of lifesystem
Scholarship Entrance important points Experience entrance
Installation subject
Game Creator


  Principle of The Institute of Yoyogi Animation / Movie Director

Takuya Wada

Supervisor of SFX make-up in movies “Parasite Eve", “The Ring" (Japanese version) and “Rasen".

Animator Course
Ichiro Itano
Masterpiece: Macross Plus (SFX director), GANTZ (director)

Animator course
Koji Ito
Masterpiece: Macross7 (Mechanical directing animator), Cyberstar (Mechanic design)

Digital Paint Artist course
Isamu Ichimura
Masterpiece: Legend of Galaxy Hero (Color Design), Patlabor The Movie (Piant Checker)

Digital Paint Artist course
Orie Kobayakawa
Masterpiece: I am Bazer (Painter), Spoon the Princess (painter), Mural painting of Osamu Tetsuka's masterpiece in train terminal “JR Takadanobaba" (painter).

Background Artist and Art Director course
Kentaro Suzuki
Profile: After working in Inc. co. Kume Design, He sets up his personal office “Yasuichi" in March, 2003.

Anime Director course
Noboru Ishikuro
Masterpiece: Spaceship Yamato (Animation director), Legend of Galaxy Hero (Director)

Anime Director course
Atsuo Sugano
Masterpiece: Pokikki (Planning, scenario and directing) Thomas The Train (3D animation)

Anime Director course
Jinzo Toriumi
Masterpiece: Scientific Ninja Team Gacchaman (scenario), Sankokushi The Animation (scenario)

SFX and Digital Filming course
Eiji Kimura
Profile: He deals with many Toei works in Toei Labotech. He is a photographer that can handle both film and latest digital technology.

SFX and Digital Filming course
Jun Sasahara
Profile: Representative of Art Anime Studio. He is an expert cameraman that taking the anime “Mrs. Sazae" for over 30 years.

SFX and Digital Filming course
Masamitsu Sato
Profile: Representative of Video Ace Co. Ltd.. He is a creator that making many visual works such as commercials “Taisho Corporate's Lipovitan D" and “Lotte's Little plum"

SFX Make-up Artist course
Dick Smith
Profile: Father of SFX make-up. Masterpiece such as “exorcist", “Amadeus", “God Father" and “The Deer Hunter".

SFX Make-up Artist course
Akiteru Tanaka
Profile: He learnt SFX make-up skill directly from Dick Smith. SFX make up in movies such as “Devilman " and “Prediction" is his works.

SFX Make-up Artist course
Michael T
Profile: He is new artist that deal that many works in Sky Perfect TV, Events in Odaiba and broadband movie.

Figure Artist course
MAX Watanabe
Profile: He is a maestro in figure making that invented many original skills such as MAX printing.

Character Design course
Mayumi Kurosaki
Profile: After studying in Tokyo Polytechnic University, She was entrance into a PC game maker. She had been a graphic designer and then later she deal with works like character design and key drawing.

Character Design course
Hidenobu Kobayashi
Masterpiece: molding of Disney character for parade
Bell cover of Shirakiya (prototype)

Character Design course
Gen Sato
Masterpiece: TV animation: “Precure", “Ojamajo Do Re Me _its' a secret"
Publication: “How to draw small character _persons"
“How to draw small character _animals"

Character Design course
Atsuhiro Yamamoto
Masterpiece: pictogram design for city office
Design of illustration in stationary.

Game Planner course
Wataru Horiba
Masterpiece: Play Station soft “Secret organization Q"
PC soft “Geo Gramaton"
Board game “World Tank Battles"

Game Planner course
Kenishi Matsusaki
Prolife: Foundation member of SF creator organization “Studio Nue". He had been the scenario writer and SF investigation of Mobile SUIT Gundam and others Sunrise's robot animation. He is also a SF writer. Recently, he supervises the setting in Gundam Museum.

Anime and Game Scenario Writer course
Kei Kagami
Masterpiece: “Roommate on knee"

Game Programmer course
Akihiro Sano
Masterpiece: Directing: Top Gear Rally, Top Gear Rally 2, Top Gear Overdrive, Top Gear Hyper Bike, Top Gear Daredevil, Top Gear Pocket, Top Gear Pocket 2, GT Championship All Japan, Balderdash EX.
Programming: Top Gear Pocket, Top Gear Pocket 2, GT Championship All Japan

Game Programmer course
Yoshitaka Tada
Profile: He is machine maintenance of an arcade game company. He is also experienced in checking alpha version of game soft and marketing.

Girls Content Create course
Satohiro Nagao
Profile: Representative of Inc. co. Nest.
Masterpiece: Animation: “Windahlia", “Initial D"
Game: “Darling", “Darling 2 Backkash"

Voice Talent course
Yoshiko Asai
Profile: Registered voice talent in 81 Produce. Her main activities are narration and movie, for example “Speed" and “Robinhood".

Voice Talent course
Teruaki Ogawa
Profile: He had participated in stage tour “The winds of God". He is an actor and mainly takes part in Tokusatsu. Recently, he plays as voice of a character in animation “Armdriver".

Voice Talent course
Sonoko Okuda
Member of theatrical company “Alter Ego"
Masterpiece: Theater: “Not flower, but a boy", “Madarot" and others drama of “Alter Ego"
TV: Destiny Da-da-da-dan

Voice Talent course
Masaya Kato
Masterpiece: Musical: Shiki Theatre Company “JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR", “CATS"

Voice Talent course
Junichi Kanemaru
Profile: Voice talent plays in many animations, for example “Marmalade" and “Cyber Formula GPX", for over 30 years. He is also an essayist.

Voice Talent course
Erika Kawamura
Profile: Dancer. Her main activities are in Sapporo. She often has her live performance in clubs and halls.

Voice Talent course
Yuri Kanna
Profile: Her album “melody" is released in '04 Avex Distribution. She is the singer of YAG's commercials song.

Voice Talent course
Takahiro Kojima
Profile: Graduate of Theatre art course in Meiji University. He is a singer songs writer and DJ.
Voice Talent course
Yoko Koyama
Profile: Vocalist and piano teacher. Founder of theatre company Dream Factory.

Voice Talent course
Yukari Saijo
Profile: Starting member of Touhoku Ballet & Dance Academy Art Three. She is now a lecturer of 3 departments in Art Three.

Voice Talent course
Yasuko Sigoka
Masterpiece: Drama “Sleep Metamorphosis", Rock Opera “Mother", Dance concert “STEPS IN THE DREEM" (main cast), TV drama “Dangerous Detective", commercials narration “SONY handy cam" etc.

Voice Talent course
Sumi Shimamoto
Masterpiece: Naushika in “Wind valley Naushika", Shokupanman in “"Ampanman"

Voice Talent course
Mariko Shoji
Profile: Singer and piano teacher. She plays in many commercials songs, image songs, concert and event recording.

Voice Talent course
Kiyonobu Suzuki
Profile: Registered voice talent in 81 Produce. He is also a drama director and makes several dramas in a year.

Voice Talent course
Mayumi Tanaka
Profile: Voice Talent plays in many animations and theaters.
Masterpiece: “Onepiece", “Sakura War"

Voice Talent course
Char Imai
Profile: Dance teacher in Charley Dance Studio. She often plays in Japan and overseas theater.

Voice Talent course
Masato Tsujimura
Profile: Registered voice talent in 81 Produce. Principle of 81 Produce Theater Training School. He plays in many animations, narrations and TV programs.

Voice Talent course
Dai Tsuchiya
Masterpiece: “Ninja team Kaku Ranger"

Voice Talent course
Ai Tokunaga
Profile: Registered voice talent in RUMS.
Masterpiece: TV animation “Magic Game".

Voice Talent course
Mina Tominaga
Masterpiece: narration “Amazing Animal", “Home Stay in the world ‘Ururun'"
Animation: “Mrs. Sazae", “Rurouni Kenshin", “Bukkuriman2000"

Voice Talent course
Ryusei Nakao
Profile: Registered voice talent in 81 Produce. He plays in many animations, films and drama directing.

Voice Talent course
Daiki Nakamura
Profile: Registered voice talent in 81 Produce. He plays in many animations, films and drama directing.

Voice Talent course
Noriko Namiki
Masterpiece: TV animation “Hunter x Hunter", “Tennis Prince"

Voice Talent course
Kunio Nishikawa
Profile: Dancer in West Japan. Member of theatre company Studio Q.

Voice Talent course
Sakura Nogawa
Profile: Registered voice talent in RUMS.
Masterpiece: TV animation “Final approach"

Voice Talent course
Yukari Noguchi
Profile: Graduate of Art University in Aichi prefecture. She is a soprano and plays in many opera, operate and concert.

Voice Talent course
Profile: Scenario writer, director and superintendence of theater company “ALT RUNNAR". He is also an audio director in many animation and TV program.

Voice Talent course
Naomi Hayasaka
Masterpiece: musical “Mother", “Last game".

Voice Talent course
Eriko Hara
Profile: Registered voice talent in Aoni Production. She plays in many animation and narration.

Voice Talent course
Rika Fukami
Masterpiece: TV animation “Sailor Moon", Movie “Pretty Woman"

Voice Talent course
Kousuke Fujiwara
Profile: YAG Graduate. He has been the member of “free atom" actor training “actors farm". He is now a free actor.

Voice Talent course
Ryuichi Furukawa
Profile: Representative of “Dance to Loop 21". He plays in many opera, musical, ballet and modern dance.

Voice Talent course
Masatoshi Hotta
Masterpiece: TV series “Tuesday suspense", Movie “War and youth", TV games, narration and etc.

Voice Talent course
Yumi Masaki
Profile: She started ballet when she was 6 and entered 80's Unique Ballet team. She is the founder of “K=P DANCE SPACE".

Voice Talent course
Rika Matsumoto
Masterpiece: She plays in many animations, for example Satoshi in “Pokemon" and “Ninku", moive, radio, commercials and theatre.

Voice Talent course
Takanori Miki
Profile: He is a tenor who plays in many opera and concert. He is also a chorus leader.

Voice Talent course
Kaori Mitsuyasu
Profile: After her major debut in 1993, she played as a session musician. Later, she become a composer and make over 30 songs in a year.

Voice Talent course
Ryo Miyazaki
Profile: Composer and music producer in “SIPP". He produces many commercials and events and leading the music scene in Sapporo. He is also working as a DJ in a music program.

Voice Talent course
Jiro Moriawa
Profile: He is a dancer and an actor who plays in many commercials and TV program.

Voice Talent course
Kazuki Yao
Profile: Voice Talent who plays in animations like “Moble SUIT GUMDAM ZZ" and “Choja Raidean".

Voice Talent course
Reina Yuka
Profile: She plays in theatres, events and commercials as a dancer.

Manga/ Comic Professional course
Chikae Ide
Profile: She made her comic debut in 1965. The comic was called “Yakko's Sindbad" published by Shueisha.
Masterpiece: “Last Strike", “Viva Valley ball", “Home of Rasetsu"

Manga/ Comic Professional course
Jouji Enami
Masterpiece: “Joe the Top", “Papillon", “International Military Tribunal"

Manga/ Comic Professional course
Tetsutya Chiba
Masterpiece: “Harris's Whirlwind", “Tomorrow's Joe", “I'm Teppei".

Manga/ Comic Professional course
Eiko Hanamura
Masterpiece: “Flower's Shadow of woman", “Murder in Tenkawa Legend",

Manga/ Comic Professional course
Fujio A Fujiko
Profile: He is the producer of movie “Boyhood", which is a comic he writes, and takes many awards in Japan Academy Prize.
Masterpiece: “Ninja Hattori", “Little Monster", “Boyhood"

Manga/ Comic Professional course
Monkey Punch
Masterpiece: “Lupin The Third", “Arabian Night"

Manga/ Comic Professional course
Takao Yaguchi
Profile: He took the children's comic awards in Kodansha publication culture prize by his comic “Fishing boy Sanpei" and “Bachi Sneak". He also tool the Japan Cartoonists Association Award by his comics “Matagi".

Novelist course
Keita Inoue
Profile: He is a copywriter with his pen name “Inoue KEITA".

Novelist course
Hiromi Miki
Profile: She made her debut on 1995 in magazine “Novel b-Boy" by her novel “WORKDAY WARRIORS". Later, she wrote 17 novels. Some of them had been translated into Chinese and Korean.

Modern Illustration course
Kazuyuki Umemiya
Profile: Graduate of Suidobata Fine Arts Academy. He has been working in several design companies and then becomes a free illustrator later.

Modern Illustration course
Toshiharu Tatsumura
Profile: Graduate of Japan Design School. He became a free illustrator in 1983 and designs many advertisement.

Modern Illustration course
Kei Mitsuma
Profile: Graduate of Bunker Hill College. Later he entered into “Theater Workshop".

Modern Illustration course
Hirofumi Miyasaka
Profile: Graduate of Nihon University. After experiencing the advertising agency, he establishes the production “Hirofumi Company".

Modern Illustration course
Shinya Miyabe
Profile: Regular chief director of Libero Art society.

Sketch Lecturer
Shinya Kosaka
Profile: After handling several events in Ltd. co. in Sanrio, he left the company and started his drawing activities in full scale.