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With an established reputation for excellent customer service, HI-TECH Software takes it one step further by providing a comprehensive knowledge base for our customers. Here, you can easily access a wealth of resources that is continuously updated with the latest information on embedded software development.

Datasheets and Errata Documents

To help customers locate current information regarding datasheets and errata documents, we have compiled a list of regularly updated links to the manufacturers' documentation for the chips several of our HI-TECH C® compilers target.

HI-TECH Software Certified Consultants

Looking for a reliable consultant for your embedded project? Our list of Certified Consultants can direct you to an experienced consultant with expertise in embedded development using HI-TECH Software's tools.

Tips and Tricks

HI-TECH Software's experienced software and technical support engineers have compiled a collection of articles to provide help and information on a variety of issues so you can get the most out of your compilers.

Tech Sites

Our experienced technical support team have compiled a list of specific websites that will prove to be a valuable resource for all your embedded software development needs and wants.


To help customers gain access to superseded versions of our popular HI-TECH C® compilers, release notes and manuals, we have created a central repository that is dynamic with regular additions to its contents.