So did our favorite bounty hunters meet their ends in Session #11? What was that... thing?!

When Spike tried to identify it he found a close match, but the computer listed it as a mirror image causing a mismatch. He identifies it as bifidobacterium which is actually a healthy substance. Visit this page for more information.


According to Alicia, a vigilant fan who studies organic chemistry, most organic substances are arranged asymmetrically. Since the the digestion of food involves complicated chemical reactions between food and asymmetrical substances in the body, there are notable differences in taste, smell and digestibility of mirrored substances most of the time. The Bebop may have encountered the opposite of bifidobacterium, which may be  fatal after all. Bifidobacterium controls intestinal pH levels. The opposite of bifidobacterium would probably cause excess acid buildup.




Are these Juliuses from Session #12 and The Movie the same person?

Though they may have the same hair color and certain... eccentricities, whether or not the Julius from the Blue Crow migrated to Mars it is up for debate. Though a similar character makes a brief appearance in another series.

The Beta Tape

Who sent Faye the beta tape and deck in Session #18?
One theory suggests the tape, a time capsule, became a historical artifact, randomly sent to various people in the Solar System. Yet another theory suggests an ex-boyfriend sent it to Faye to repent for past misdeeds. An old classmate may have sent it to her as well.

Red Eye On The Table

Flashback sequences in Session #5 and Session #13 briefly show one shot of a Red Eye vile and spray in  Julia's apartment. Who was using it?

The popular vote goes to Vicious. Thanks to Michael Wayne for sending in this one.


Did Bull know Spike's fate since Session #1?

"You will meet a woman... the woman will hunt you... and then death." Bull may have been referring to Spike's final encounter with Julia.


Is Spike really dead?

Even though he managed to survive gunshot wounds and being thrown out a cathedral window, a psychopathic killing machine and a remorseless terrorist among near-death encounters, Spike believed he was "already dead" since Julia disappeared three years ago. His days on the Bebop are his purgatory where he lives aimlessly as if in a dream. In Session #26, when Faye asks him why he chooses to die, he tells her that he intends to find out if he is alive. In the end, he finds out that he was "dead" all along.