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Citation Styles Handbook: APA

Citing Authors
Citing Books
Citing Periodicals
Citing Other Sources
Citing Publication Information
Citing Internet Sources
In-text Citation

IMPORTANT NOTE: The APA has recently introduced a fifth edition of its publication manual. Among the most significant changes to the format introduced in the fifth edition are

1) the use of the hanging indent in the reference list and

2) the use of italics (rather than underlining) for all titles.

We have attempted to reflect these fifth edition changes on our website. You should also visit APA's official website for further descriptions of these changes.

:: Citing Authors
: Single Author
: Multiple Authors
: Corporate Authorship
: Edited Collections
: Translated Works
: Multiple Works by the Same Author(s)
: No Author Identified
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:: Citing Books
: Typical Book Entry
: Reprinted or Republished Books
: Specific Editions
: Multivolume Works
: One Book in a Series
: Book Chapters
: Chapter in an Edited Book
: Reprinted or Republished Chapters or Articles

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:: Citing Periodicals
: Typical Periodical Entries
: Articles in Journals with Continuous Pagination
: Articles in Journals with Non-continuous Pagination
: Articles in Monthly Periodicals
: Articles in Weekly Periodicals
: Newspaper Articles
: Editorials or Published Letters
: Reviews in Periodicals
: No Author Identified
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:: Citing Other Sources
: Artistic Works
: Computer Software
: Films or Videotapes
: Interviews
: Letters
: Performances
: Recordings
: Television or Radio Programs
: Unpublished Dissertations
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:: Citing Publication Information
: Books
: Journals and Other Periodicals
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:: Citing Internet Sources
Please see the APA website.
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:: In-text Citation Information
In-text citation

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