Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Films at the Sedgwick Program

Film Q. Public - Under Construction

Film Q. Public is continuing to grow and improve! We're trying to simplify the page, so that it's easier and quicker to use!

We've broken the film list down to categories, so you can browse by the kind of movie you're looking for.

Some of the categories we've added are:

Oscar Winners - A list, by year, of the every winner of the Oscar for Best Picture.

Family - An alphabetical list of films for families. With films like Cars, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Harry Potter, the "Family" category is a great place to start voting if you'd like to see more kid-friendly films playing at the Little Theater.

Comedy - An alphabetical list of great comedies new and old. Vote for a laugh, with screwball comedies like Spaceballs or enjoy a sophisticated laugh with films like Little Miss Sunshine.

And Documentary - An alphabetical list of must-see documentary films. Now more popular than ever, Documentary films are really coming into their own. Check out An Inconvenient Truth, Who Killed the Electric Car, or Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers

Other Categories coming soon:

Featured - Don't know where to start? In the "Featured" category, you'll find films that excite us and we hope you'll vote to see!

Romance - Want a good movie for date night? This is where you'll find that romantic film you love- to share a sweet emotional evening on the town or perhaps stir you into a passionate, frenzy!

- And More.

So check out Film Q. Public! Your way to see what you want in your movie theater!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Big Screen, Little Theater -
January's a Big Month!

We are excited announce that further renovations are underway in the Little Theater to bring you a better film experience. Watch our website www.filmsatthesedgwick.com for pictures of the new and improved Little Theater or come out this month and see for yourself.

January's a fun month in film! We're going back to some classic cinema!

January 5-6 at 8PM - His Girl Friday - Starring Cary Grant as a Newspaper man who needs to get the big scoop, and maybe even get his wife back.
January 12-13 at 8PM - D.O.A. - A true noir about a man in search of his murderer, the man who gave him the deadly dose of "Luminous Toxin"
January 19-20 at 8PM - My Favorite Brunette - Bob Hope stars in this fantastic noir/thriller spoof!
January 26-27 at 8PM - Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps - Definitely one of the films to make way for the Noir Genre.

I know I'm excited about all these films coming up, but there is one last thing to look for!

We've been working hard to update Film Q. Public, and we've added categories to help you browse for films you'd like to see. One of the categories I'd like to point out is the "Local" category. There you'll see local independent films such local filmmakers "Cinema Alliance" who've submitted their film "Disturbing Images." Already their film has been getting a lot of votes on Film Q. Public, and it's looking very promising we'll be having a screening!

So come to the Little Theater in the Video Library, 7147 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia and see what we're up to this month.

See you at the Movies!

-David Titus
Director, Films at the Sedgwick