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These documents present the FSA of bulk carriers, Fore-end watertight integrity, carried out by IACS as Work Package 5 of the UK-led international FSA of bulk carriers. The focus of the study has been on the fore-end of bulk carriers, including the evaluation of risk control options aimed at preventing or mitigating fore-end flooding scenarios. The scenarios investigated include the flooding of No. 1 cargo hold.

Report FSA Fore-end Watertight Integrity


Annex 1 Basic Definitions and Abbreviations


Annex 2 Bulk Carrier Risks


Annex 3 Fore-end Watertight Integrity


Annex 4 Hatch Cover Failure Scenarios


Annex 5 Fore-end Flooding Scenarios


Annex 6 Casualty Lists


Annex 7 Names and Credentials


Annex 8 Hazard Identification of Fore-end of Bulk Carriers


Annex 9 Risk Control Options from Literature


Annex 10 Risk Control Options Identified in Brainstorming Sessions


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Formal Safety Assessment Bulk Carriers are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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