4 October 2005

Taller In More Ways: Track by track.  

Each tracks from the new album 'Taller In More Ways' in the girls own words:

Push The Button
Keisha: “It was one of the last tracks we did for the album, with Dallas Austin. It’s about this guy that I had this little thing for. I met him out in America. He was one of Dallas’s mates. Dallas was trying to set us up, like Oprah or Cilla Black. I liked this guy and I was saying to Dallas, I’m trying to get his attention without being too obvious, and he’s not getting it. The song is about that whole thing – like, push the button or I’m off. And even when he heard the song he didn’t get it!”

Gotta Be You
Keisha: “This song is about reacting to the press when they slag you off, about how they judge you. When we heard the song we loved it. To be honest, any publicity is good publicity whether it’s positive or negative, and it’s taken us a while to get that. When the press write something negative and something that’s untrue, it’s hard to look at that in a positive way. We could really relate to the song.”

Follow Me Home
Keisha: “It’s co-written by us and Johnny Rockstar, who came up with the idea of it being about someone who’s close to you. Mutya’s baby got brought up. Like, what would you say to her if she was ever in trouble? How would you say, I’ll always be there for you? Mutya wrote her verse based on that. I wrote mine based on a close friend.”
Mutya: “I wrote the first verse. I thought, I’ll write it so people can think of it in different ways. It really came naturally.”

Joy Division
Keisha: “This was written by Johnny Rockstar and Cameron McVeigh. We haven’t worked with Cameron since the first album One Touch, and it was so nice to have him back. This song is so weird. We wrote different melodies and mish-mashed it together. We all wrote our different parts.”
Heidi: “It’s about sleazy men. My verse is about a guy who tries to chat you up and conveniently forgets the fact that he’s got a wife and kids.”

Red Dress
Heidi: “It’s about why some girls think they have to really expose their flesh to get noticed.”

Keisha: “Dallas wrote that song. He’d read a lot of the stuff that’s been said about us in the press, some negative stuff, and there was a line saying one of us is ugly. And Dallas said, What? You girls are beautiful! He wrote the song off the back of that comment. It’s a great concept and a really beautiful song.”

It Ain’t Easy
Keisha: “It’s basically about us as people. It’s not easy being where we are now, trying to keep a balance between normality and doing this. When you’re content within yourself, you should know how you are, and people around us know what we’re like.”

Keisha: “This was co-written by us and Guy Sigsworth and Cathy Dennis. It’s about being in a relationship and you want this person but it’s like you’re bad for each other. Every time they come close to you, you get bruised.”

Heidi: “I recorded this as a demo with Ashley Hamilton. Then we decided we wanted to record it as a group. When we told Dallas we wanted to do it he was made up, because it’s one of his favourite songs.”

Ace Reject
Keisha: “When we work with Brian Higgins, he tells us to go off into different parts of the room, write seven verses each, and we’ll choose different verses and make a song out of them.”

Keisha: “This was written with Soulshock, from Sweden. It’s the first time we’ve worked with them. The song is about overcoming your problems.”

2 Hearts
Keisha: “Cameron McVeigh wrote this. We love it! It’s changed quite a bit now, because it started off as just an acoustic thing. And Cameron said, Girls, we’re just gonna put a few strings on it. And when we got back we heard trumpets, harps, violins, everything! It’s a great way to finish off the album. When you hear it you’ll know why it’s the last song on the album. You can’t follow a song like that!”