About the Collective

Ophelia Chong


Favorite Color:
Black, because you look thinner and it doesn't show gravy stains.
Favorite Superhero:
DEN by Richard Corben. The only naked, buff, muscled and sexually well-endowed adventurer who is hunted by evil powers, chomped at by large creatures and lusted after by impossibly beautiful, naked, large-breasted women in scanty furry bikinis.
Favorite Movie:
"Alien" by Ridley Scott. I rooted for the Alien. Everyone on that ship was really annoying. Trivia: the scene in the command center, they wake up and turn on all the controls. As they connect with HQ, you hear a dial-up modem hand shake. I predict the future is all about dial up. So don't throw away those 2400 baud modems and rotary dial phones.
Captain Planet VS Darkwing Duck - Who would win and why?
Captain Planet because he is Chinese and knows how to roast a duck.
Saved by the Bell VS Full House
Didn't watch either one, so here's my version:
Bonanza (1959-1973) vs Star Trek (1966-1969) The Cartwrights would kick Captain Kirk and Spock's ass because being inbred cowboys they have no fear of death and they aren't as smart. Plus Bonanza ran for 11 more years. So Cowboys rule. (No, I am not that old that I watched Bonanza and Star Trek while they were on TV, I just watch a lot of TV...yes, I have a life. I also play Pong)
Five interesting facts about you that no one really cares about:
  1. I fart when trucks pass by, because its loud and no one can hear.
  2. I hoard safety pins.
  3. I don't get manicures during the winter.
  4. I don't mind picking up dead stuff.
  5. I have made a Turkey Meatloaf once.

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