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The most recent documents available on this subject are:

Trustees back knowledge and understanding requirements
Member-nominated trustees overwhelmingly back requirements for trustee knowledge and understanding, according to a TUC/Punter Southall survey.
24 April 2006

‘People's pension ministers' back compulsion and better pensions at 65
When given the chance to be pensions minister for a day by the TUC's world of work website workSMART.org.uk, a big majority are opting for better state pensions from 65 and compelling employers and employees to save more for retirement. TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said, “Of course this is just a bit of on-line fun, but the overwhelming support for a radical pensions package based on better state pensions and compulsory saving is a further indication that people are ready for the government to take brave decisions on the future of pensions when the Turner Report is published.”
30 November 2005

It's time for the Government to act on women's pensions
Women are being let down badly by the current pensions system and, unless major reform takes place, young women just starting out in the world of work are likely to have as little cash in their old age as their great grandmothers did, says a new report published by the TUC today (Monday) bringing together all the hard facts on why women are losing out when it comes to pensions.
6 December 2004

Calling All Trustees!
The TUC is looking to recruit more members to its growing member trustee network. Membership of the network is free and those joining receive a quarterly newsletter, regular mail-outs on pensions and investment issues, and access to TUC events specifically aimed at trustees
25 October 2002

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