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HI-TECH Integrated Development Environment

HI-TIDE is a multi-platform development environment that provides tools for all aspects of embedded software development integrated into the one application. HI-TIDE is designed to seamlessly integrate with HI-TECH C® compilers and provide all the features needed to get your solution up and running as soon as possible. With a variety of simulators, debug interfaces and wizards available, you'll be surprised how easy development can be.

There is currently three generations of HI-TIDE that cater for the HI-TECH C compiler range. Listed below are the HI-TIDE versions and the particular HI-TECH C compilers they are compatible with:

  • HI-TIDE™ 1 - The original.
  • HI-TIDE™ 2 - The improved. Supports the HI-TECH C for MSP430, ARM® and 8051 Compilers
  • HI-TIDE™ 3 - The latest and greatest, built on Eclipse. Supports the HI-TECH PICC(v9.50+) / PICC-18(v9.50+) / dsPICC(v9.60+) Compilers

To assist our customers with the migration path for porting HI-TIDE 1 (v1.2) projects to HI-TIDE 3 (v3.00) projects, HI-TECH Software has developed a quick migration guide. For further information, please contact our Technical Support Team.