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Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Australian Wetlands Database

You can find information on Australia's Ramsar sites, wetlands of international importance listed under the Ramsar Convention, and the nationally important wetlands listed in A Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia in the Australian Wetlands Database.

Wetlands data

Information and spatial data for Australia's Ramsar sites are supplied by State and Territory conservation departments. The reports generated from the database follow the categories of the Ramsar Information Sheet (RIS), which document the character and values of each Ramsar site. The latest RIS updates are included.

The Directory is compiled with the cooperation of conservation agencies and other resource managers in all jurisdictions. It is a valuable tool for managers and others interested in Australia's important wetlands. The database holds descriptions of more than 850 Directory wetlands, including those listed since publication of the third edition in 2001. Users should note that there are gaps in the knowledge of some sites and some fields may be blank. Inventory is ongoing and many wetlands remain to be assessed or recognised as internationally or nationally important.

Wetlands data have been received from:

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Relevant publications

Ramsar sites are listed under the Convention on Wetlands because of their international importance in one or more areas, which may include ecology, botany, zoology, limnology or hydrology. The fact sheet lists all 64 Ramsar sites in Australia, occurring in all jurisdictions.

The Directory identifies and provides information on the values of nationally important wetlands across Australia. The third edition of the Directory (2001) contains a summary of nationally important wetlands in each jurisdiction; it does not have the detailed site information of previous editions as this is now available online.


If you are unable to use this database and need help, or wish to provide feedback, please contact the Wetlands Team via email,, or by phone (02) 6274 2473.


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