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Church Transitions
About Church Transitions

The process of transition that we teach is a simple one:

  • Step one - Prepare for change
  • Step two - Define your changes
  • Step three - Plant your vision with your key leaders
  • Step four - Share your vision with the whole church
  • Step five - Implement your changes
  • Step six - Deal with the opposition
  • Step seven - Make adjustments
  • Step eight - Evaluate the result
Dan Southerland Following 13 successful years as the lead pastor/teacher of Flamingo Road Church, in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Dan Southerland started Church Transitions Inc., an organization that trains pastors and church leaders to effectively manage major transitions. Dan has trained over 100,000 pastors and church leaders in the past seven years. His focus is how to implement the purpose-driven paradigm in existing churches. Dan is now one of the pastors at Next Level Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Glen Sartain Glen Sartain is an international transition coach that has directly led multiple traditional churches through transition to become fully Purpose Driven as both worship leader and pastor. He currently serves as transitioning coach to multiple individual churches and pastors groups called "Coaching Networks." He has had the privilege of coaching and assisting hundreds of pastors and churches through transition and change.
Roddy Clyde Roddy Clyde is now in his 13th year as Senior Teaching Pastor for The Fellowship at Forest Creek in Round Rock, Texas. Since being called as the only staff person of the then 65 member church, Roddy has lead the people of The Fellowship through major transitions in every area of the church's structure, staffing, ministry and programming, and to grow to 2000 in weekend attendance. Today The Fellowship is a staff lead, purpose driven church with multiple daughter congregations and a clear mission: To reach people for Christ and help believers grow to be like Him. Roddy is a nation-wide transition coach and consultant and frequent conference speaker on topics of transition, leadership, lay ministry development and church planting.
Glenn Wagner

Glenn Wagner is the president and visionary of FutureLead. He is a former pastor of Calvary Church in Charlotte, North Carolina with an average Sunday attendance of over 3,000.

Glenn is an author and contributor of nine books including: The Church You've Always Wanted, Escape From Church, Inc., and The Heart of a Godly Man.

He served as Vice President and Minister at Large for Promise Keepers, an international Christ-centered organization dedicated to introducing men to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord; and then helping them grow as Christians.

Dan Southerland is the founder and director of Church Transitions Inc. Dan developed this process for change while serving as the pastor/teacher of the Flamingo Road Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. During the thirteen years of his ministry at Flamingo Road, the church made some major changes:

  • Approach - from being program driven to being purpose driven.
  • Target - from reaching believers to reaching the unchurched.
  • Worship Style - from traditional to contemporary.
  • Pastors - from a senior pastor model to a shared pastor model.
  • Leadership - from a committee led church to being staff led.
  • Ministry - from pastors doing all the ministry to pastors equipping people to do the ministry.
  • Small Groups - from a traditional Sunday School model to a relational cell group model.
  • Services - from one weekend worship service to five weekend services (two on Saturday night; three on Sunday morning).

God blessed these changes big time! Flamingo Road grew from 300 in worship to 2300 in average attendance. They also started 23 other churches. And today, 60% of those who join Flamingo Road Church are unchurched when they first attend.

Dan Southerland has had the privilege of training 100,000 church leaders in these principles of transition over the past 7 years - in 30 different countries! He has been teaching at the Purpose Driven Church conference held by Saddleback Church for the past 7 years. About half of the events we do each year are co-sponsored by Purpose Driven Ministries.


Church Transitions