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License Agreement

Picture and Illustration Purchase

The All About Skyscraper license agreement pertains to anyone who wishes to take any form of information off this site.

What can you do?

You can print text, images, graphics, statistical forms, or diagrams on your own printer for personal use or for educational school projects or work project.

If you are using any of this information for a project, essay, or for any other personal use. Here is the citing information in MLA format.


Richie Gill. All About Skyscrapers. January 2007. All About Skyscrapers. (date you accessed this page) {}

What can you not do?

All contents within this site (photo images, graphics and written HTML code) are not to be used on other web sites or publications. This also means you may not take any photos off and sell them, even if you purchased the photo from me. If you wish to purchase any photographs, look below in the "Photograph Purchase" section.

How about linking?

You may link to if you wish. You can do it either by using the banner that is supplied below or by just using a hyperlink (text).


If you would like a link in return, please submit your link to our URL Submission service. All About Skyscrapers has the right to either agree or not agree to link back. If we find the site appropriate and on topic, we will gladly add the your link onto my Skyscraper Links page.

Picture and Illustration Purchase

Most of the illustrations and photographs featured on the website are for sale.

When you purchase a picture, you get the full sized image without the watermark.

The prices are extremely cheap compared to other skyscraper sites! Just take a look at their sites and you'll see the difference! (Other sites charge prices up to $10,000!)

All Photos= $30.00 each


All Illustrations = $50.00 each


All the photos we have on sale are posted on our website, if you would be to order photos of a specific property, please contact our Real Estate Photography Service.

We accept the following credit and debit cards through PayPal, along with funds transferred from another's PayPal account:


VisaMastercardAmerican ExpressDiscovereCheck PayPal website


You do not need a PayPal account to buy from our website.


Order a photo or illustration:

You may use this form to receive a price quote and a PayPal invoice through your email within 48 hours if you choose to pay through the internet.  If you are uncomfortable paying on the internet, please send us a money order.  You may also drop me off an email:


Full Name:




Email Address:


Payment Method:

PayPal / Credit CardMoney Order


Photos/illustrations you would like to order:  (please list one photo per link by placing a link to the photo, ex. (





How it works:

1) You contact us and ask for the pictures availability.  Please include the link to the picture.

2) We will answer and confirm you want that picture and we will include the total price of your purchase along with an invoice.

3) PayPal will then send you an email requesting the funds, then you can pay with a debit, credit, or PayPal account.

4) After the payment is cleared, we will send you the picture as an attachment on an email.

All the emails sent and received to All About Skyscrapers are documented in case of any disputes.


Please email me to request a picture, or if you have a question: