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Strange Bedfellows
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For questions about the operation of this board. Also the place to test post, post introductory posts for first time posters and if you have any suggestions about the board, post it here.
860 posts in 70 threads Last Post In e-mail change
by Arref at 13:09:17 Thu Feb 1 2007
  Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Starting a new game? Existing game have some openings? Post them here and let the recruitment begin. This is also the place to post those Con announcements.
321 posts in 54 threads Last Post In Any pbem games out t...
by Aura at 08:21:46 Sun Jan 21 2007
  Canon Law
For discussion of the Amber series and the various intrepretations we have. Threads formerly in Amber Book Club forum have been moved here.
987 posts in 53 threads Last Post In Attributes: best can...
by Arref at 13:47:39 Thu Jan 25 2007
  The Center of All Things
Discussions, descriptions, questions about Amber, Arden, Tir, and Rebma belong here, as do characterization questions and discussions of the Royals and the Pattern
464 posts in 40 threads Last Post In Feminist Amber
by Finarvyn at 03:45:02 Sat Jan 6 2007
  The Courts
For discussions on all things Chaos related
548 posts in 35 threads Last Post In Vampires & their rol...
by Jvstin at 04:57:06 Sun Nov 5 2006
  In The Shadows
This is the place to discuss Shadow and the various mechanics involved. Got an interesting Shadow description you don't mind sharing? Post it here! Golden Circle included. If it's not your original work, please give credit where credit is due.
349 posts in 32 threads Last Post In Midnight Sorcery and...
by Falkin at 22:01:38 Mon Oct 30 2006
  Pulling the Strings
For question and discussion of the art of GMing an Amber campaign. Also a place to list resources from around the 'Net and other places.
784 posts in 61 threads Last Post In ADRP 2nd Edition
by Falkin at 05:43:37 Mon Nov 13 2006
  GM Referral Database
A database of GM refrences and rankings from fellow players. An excellent place to look before you start that next game. This is a Member's Only Forum.
126 posts in 32 threads Last Post In Mike Walker
by Anon at 17:31:09 Mon Apr 10 2006
  Player Referral Database
A database of player rankings from GMs. An excellent place to look before you start that next game. If you find yourself already with difficult players, this is a good place to get other points of view on dealing with them. This is a Member's Only Forum.
95 posts in 43 threads You do not have access to this forum.
  Comments From the Peanut Gallery
For general chatter Amber related that doesn't fit anywhere else.
2815 posts in 151 threads Last Post In Amber email list?
by Arref at 17:51:37 Mon Feb 5 2007
  Ask the Elders
This is the forum for the Ask the [insert name here] threads. Only Admins can start threads in this forum and this is the only forum in which In Character posts can be made!
991 posts in 13 threads Last Post In The Green Room
by JDoraime at 09:50:45 Sat Mar 26 2005
  Ars Gratia Amberis
AKA: Ghostwheel's Tech Tips. In here you can find someone to answer your computer (Mac and Windows) questions, help with Photoshop, HTML, web design, and Paint Shop Pro. For all your character & game site building needs.
193 posts in 21 threads Last Post In Magical Woods for Wa...
by DarqRaven at 20:37:48 Wed Nov 1 2006
  Yada, Yada, Yada...
For all that other chatter or all those other games. News, amusing links, movie reviews, the mundane and pointless. This forum is for NON AMBER STUFF.
Subforums: Cinema Features Games People Play Ex Libris
1404 posts in 74 threads Last Post In DM of the Rings
by Falkin at 00:05:35 Tue Dec 19 2006
  Fiery Pits of Hell
Need to vent about a GM? One of your players being a pain? Life in general dealing you a bad hand? Let it out! Complaints about the board or administrative staff go here. This is a Members Only forum and Delicate Flowers offended by rough language need not enter.
2685 posts in 107 threads You do not have access to this forum.

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