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In the centre of Aberdeen,
the Museum lies in the University of Aberdeen's Marischal College, the second-largest granite structure in the world. The museum was founded in 1786, with material that has been donated by generations of friends and graduates of the University. This has resulted in collections of high quality material, most notably Egyptian and Classical antiquities, non-Western ethnography, Scottish prehistory and numismatics, that rank alongside the largest in Scotland. Today, the care of these collections is enhanced by a purpose-built conservation laboratory.

The museum has an excellent track record of ensuring that its collection is used to inspire and educate a wide range of visitors through innovative exhibitions, evening lectures, an award-winning schools service, a young archaeologists club, resources for higher education and support for researchers.

Marischal Museum is one of the University's eight museum collections of national and international importance. To view these collections, look here.

Marischal Museum is also part of Aberdeen's Treasures, an exciting mix of Aberdeen's independent tourist attractions.

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Image: Brass model of the eye with spectacles. c.1785. Image: Greek black-figured vase glazed in red clay. c.550 BC Image: Bronze figure of a cat. Egyptian Image: Mexican gold pendant ornament. c.1450. Image: Silver watch, said to have been John Knox's, presented to him by Queen Mary.c.1650.