Half-Baked Talks

This is a schedule for the PacSoft "Half-Baked Talks" time slot on Fridays at 11–noon in Columbia. Mainly, this slot provides opportunity for getting feedback on half-baked ideas. Occasionally, more fully-baked talks overflow into this slot, though. If you want to book this time, contact me!

See also the Tuesday Morning Seminars.

May 30Songtaio Xia
May 23Andrew TolmachA Monadic Semantics for Core Curry (abstract)
May 2Mark P Jones and Philip QuitslundSweet Talk
April 18Magnus CarlssonMonads for Selective Memoization
April 11Andy GillThe Timber Compiler (abstract)
Mar 14, 2003Thomas HallgrenHalf-baked slices of Haskell
Feb 14, 2003Nathan LingerBinding-Time Analysis via Type Inference and Constraint Solving (abstract)
Feb 7, 2003Peter ThiemannType errors
Jan 24, 2003John Matthews Reading group: Evaluation logic by Andrew Pitts (abstract)
Jan 17, 2003Magnus CarlssonValue recursion in the continuation monad, part III (abstract)
Dec 20, 2002Andrew BlackTraits: Composable Units of Behaviour
Dec 13, 2002John MatthewsReading group: Language-Based Information-Flow Security, continued
Dec 6, 2002John MatthewsReading group: Language-Based Information-Flow Security, by Andrei Sabelfeld and Andrew C Myers (abstract, paper on CiteSeer)
Nov 15, 2002Peter ThiemannRMS: A Robust Mail Storage System (abstract)
Nov 8, 2002Iavor DiatchkiHighlight from ICFP: Composing Monads using Coproducts
Nov 1, 2002Magnus CarlssonHighlight from ICFP: Vital: interactive, spreadsheet-like programming in Haskell
Oct 25, 2002Tim Sheard and Emir PasalicIT'S SOOO COOOL! Tagless interpreters for typed lambda calculus in Haskell
Oct 18, 2002Mark JonesWheel Research discussion
Sep 27, 2002Thomas HallgrenI/O in Pure Functional Languages: past, present (and future?)
10.30am Aug 30, 2002Magnus CarlssonA Monad for Fixpoint iterations
Aug 23, 2002Songtao XiaThesis proposal (in Willamette)
Thu Aug 8, 2002, 10amMagnus CarlssonAlgebraic Dynamic Programming, Revisited
Jul 19, 2002Tim SheardAlgebraic Dynamic Programming
June 7, 2002Sava Kristic and Sylvain ConchonTBA
May 31, 2002Magnus CarlssonHaskell as a calculator for solving linear equations (abstract)
May 24, 2002Mark P Jones A Domain Specific Language for Component Configuration (abstract)
May 10, 2002Tom Melhan A Stream-Based Framework for Reasoning with STE and other LTL Verification Formalisms (abstract)
May 3, 2002Andy GillCapturing Pure Functions using Side-Effects (abstract)
Apr 19, 2002Crista LopesAspect-Oriented Programming
Mar 22, 2002Pete TuckerPunctuated Data Streams
Mar 15, 2002, 1.00pmThomas NordinBDD Equivalence Checking in Haskell
Mar 1, 2002, 1.00pmTim SheardSearch-Based Binding Time Analysis using Type-Directed Pruning
Feb 22, 2002Luca AbeniReal-time Scheduling

Magnus Carlsson