The following excerpt is from The Greenbrier Independent, Thursday, December 29, 1881, "Local Matters." This section of "Local Matters" contained a list of deed transfers which sometimes named the original settlers of the acreage in question.

December 29, 1881
List of Deeds

A deed from Sarah E. Virginia R. Callison and others to Mitchell Ford, for one-half of lot No. 53 in the plan of Lewisburg, containing one-fourth of an acre.

A deed from S. B. McClintic and wife to Geo. F. Miller, Jr. and F. W. Martin, for 1,389 acres of land on Big and Little Clear creeks.

A deed from W. W. Brackman and wife to Gabbert H. Brackman for five-ninths of the lands of the late David Brackman, dec'd.

A deed from H. H. Harvey and wife to G. H. Brackman, for the one-ninth of the lands last above.

A deed from Andrew Sydenstricker and wife to G. H. Brackman, for 15 acres and 64 poles of Kearns land.

A deed from Samuel H. Coffman and wife and others to G. H. Brackman, for two lots of land -- one 4 and the other 6 acres -- in Fort Spring district.

A deed from Chas. L. McClung and wife to Joseph Zopp, for 200 acres of land on Mill Creek mountain.

A deed from V. S Rapp and wife to Rebecca J. and Martha A. Hanna, for 32 1/2 acres of land, more or less, on Spring Creek.

A deed from Bedford Calwell and wife to Martha Robertson for one-eighth of an acre of land near to White Sulphur Springs.

A deed from S. K. McClung, adm'r, with will annexed of Sam'l McClung, dec'd., to G. F. Miller, Jr., for 200 acres of land on big Clear Creek.

A deed from John M. Brown and others to John M. Gardner, for 29 acres of land -- part of John M. Brown's home place.

A deed in trust from Sara J. Cobb and others to Wm. P. Rucker, trustee, on house and lot in Ronceverte.

A deed from Nancy Shanassay to M. G. Anderson, for her one-third interest in the real estate of Wm. N. and H.S. Brant, deceased.

A deed from Elizabeth Yates to Mary J. Anderson, for grantor's license in the real estate last above named.

A deed from Jas. Grant Peterkin and wife to the Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs Company, for 262 acres of land on Howard's Creek.

A deed in trust from the Greenbrier White Sulphur springs company to R. W. Montague, trustee, on real estate on Howard's Creek, for purposes therein set forth.

A deed from Wm. Ransbarger's heirs to Wm. H. Ransbarger for 25 3/4 acres of land off the home place, in Falling Spring district.

A deed from John Stuart and wife and others to R. H. Gillilan, for two tracts of land on Greenbrier River -- the first 500 and second 65 acres.

A deed from S. H. Coffman and wife and others to D. Y. Huddleston, for 10 1/2 acres of land on Greenbrier River.

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