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"...Marriage in

Washington State

between one man

and one woman."










Allies for Marriage and Children

"Our Voice, Our Vote"

Allies for Marriage and Children is a non-partisan coalition of community leaders and organizations dedicated to preserving the definition of marriage in Washington State as the union between one man and one woman.


Guiding Principles

We believe that authentic marriage*, a complementary union of one man and one woman, serves a basic societal purpose that by nature involves the potential for procreation and encourages the parenting of children by their mother and father.

We agree that Washington State should uphold the definition of marriage as one man and one woman.

We commit to strengthen the health of marriage relationships.

We commit to supporting children & parents in single parent homes-to prepare them for strong marriages.


Definition of "Authentic Marriage"

*Authentic marriage is the time-honored, universally-endorsed relationship between one man and one woman who choose to assume the legal and societal commitments of becoming husband and wife for a lifetime.


The natural structure of authentic marriage meets an array of needs for the husband and wife, the requirements for procreation, and the complementary balance to the rearing of children by their married mother and father.

Authentic marriage is uniquely beneficial to the interests of children, women and men, and serves the common good for communities and society in irreplaceable ways.

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