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Yahoo! Pager Allows Instant Communication with Online Friends

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- March 9, 1998 -- Looking for a quick way to reach friends online? Send them an instant message with Yahoo! Pager. Today, Yahoo! Inc. announced the launch of Yahoo! Pager, the latest offering in Yahoo!'s family of communication services, which includes e-mail, chat, message boards, people search and classifieds. Yahoo!'s pager service offers members an instant link to online friends and colleagues - alerting individuals when their buddies or associates have come online and allowing them to chat in real-time with each other. The pager is integrated throughout the Yahoo! network of properties and is also available for free at

"We are continuing to develop new ways to help our millions of users find and communicate with each other," said Brian Park, producer of Yahoo! Pager. "Yahoo! Pager combines instant messaging and notification in one service. With the pager, our members can now see when friends come online, send instant messages to each other and know instantly when they have new Yahoo! Mail messages."

Yahoo! Pager uses the same, free registration process, user identification and password as the rest of Yahoo!'s communication and personalization services. This allows friends made in Yahoo!'s chat rooms, message boards and online classic games areas to be immediately added to the Yahoo! Pager friend list.

Quickly Find Friends Online
Yahoo! Pager combines the real-time messaging of chat with the one-on-one of e-mail to give users a fast and easy way to have a personal conversation with an online friend, family member or business associate. Individuals can "page" their friends on the Internet and quickly and easily engage them in real-time conversation.

Yahoo! Pager feature highlights include:

  • Instant Messages -- Faster than email and more convenient than a phone call, instant messages can be sent to friends, family and co-workers for quick and private conversations. Yahoo! Pager alerts users when their buddies come online so they always know who's available to chat. It also allows users to change their status so that online friends know when that person is "available" or "busy" or "on vacation."
  • Alerts -- Yahoo! Pager notifies users both when friends come online and when they have new Yahoo! Mail.
  • Blocking/Privacy -- For added privacy, Yahoo! Pager notifies users when somebody has added them as a friend. In addition, Yahoo! Pager allows users to block instant messages from others. With the blocking feature, individuals have complete control over who has instant messaging access to them.
  • Single Registration Process -- Individuals who register for Yahoo! Pager have access to Yahoo!'s full family of personalized and communications services, including chat, classifieds, e-mail, message boards, games, stock portfolios and My Yahoo! - all free of charge.
  • Expanded Viewing Profiles -- Yahoo! Pager allows individuals to create in-depth profiles for their Yahoo! Pager user names to share information about themselves with others online.

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