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February 05, 2007 African American Read-in
Featuring the work of Pearl Cleage


February 22, 2007, Thursday 7PM Clark Speaker : Na'im Akbar

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Welcome to the African American Cultural Center!

The African American Cultural Center (AACC) at North Carolina State University promotes awareness of and appreciation for the African American experience. As part of an on-going process of development, this new website has been designed to give you easy access to the AACC and all it has to offer! Please take a moment to browse. We are certain that you will enjoy your visit!

African American Cultural Center
355 Witherspoon Student Center
Box 7318
Raleigh, NC 27695-7318

Phone: 919.515.5210
Fax: 919.515.5173

What's New
 * Heritage Society General Body Meetings, every Monday, at 5:30 pm, room 356A, African American Cultural Center, Witherspoon Building

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