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Dates in the History of Etiwanda, California
Compiled by Robert L. Hickcox
September 23, 1981

  1768 Serrano, Gabrielone, Shoshone and Mojave Indians passing through the area. Using a Metate found at the mouth of East Etiwanda Canyon.
March 22 1774 Juan Batista de Anza arrived at San Gabriel.
March 15 1776 Fr. Francisco Garces passed through on road to San Gabriel.
  1806 Fr. Jose Maria Zalvida.
  1810 Fr. Jose Maria Zlavida mentioned Cucamonga in his records.
  1819 Gabriel Moraga, a Spanish Officer camped in Cucamonga.
November 1826 Jediah Smith and 16 trappers passed through looking for a river flowing west.
March 3 1839 Tiburcia Tapa given a grant of three leagues, 13,000 acres, between San Antonio Creek and Turner Avenue.
May 1840 Indians driving stolen horses to Mojave.
October 23 1848 Orville C. Pratt and 17 men, 57 days from Santa Fe, New Mexico, marched 20 miles from Cajon to Prudhomme's Ranch, Cucamonga.
  1852 Baseline surveyed by Henry Washington.
February 19 1867 E. K. Dunlap sold Young Ranchito to George Day for $450 gold.
July 17 1867 George Day filed on waters of Day Canyon.
December 1867 Major flood.
July 17 1867 James Bryant filed on 160 acres. Sainsevain or Horse Canyon.
November 13 1867 J. O. Glenn filed on 160 acres, Horse Canyon.
  1869 George Day refiled on Day and Young Canyons (East).
July 1873 Isaiah P. Smith filed on Young and East Canyon
July 29 1873 Day and Pierce filed on Day Canyon
  1874 Southern Pacific Railroad built from Cucamonga to Colton.
November 3 1874 Thomas Hawker sold 160 acres for $1,000 gold to Michael Sainsevain.
December 19 1874 Isaiah P. Smith paid $200 for 160 acres from U. S. (East Avenue and Summit.)
January 9 1875 Isaiah P. Smith sold 160 acres for $600 to Captain Joseph Garcia. East Avenue and Summit.
February 27 1875 Michael Sainsevain filed on Horse Canyon.
  1875 William Hawker and Victor De Lor built house for Sainsevain.
March 20 1875 George Day died.
November 8 1875 August Bienfort claimed water in Section 18, T1N, R6W, Smith Canyon.
February 10 1876 Patent of U. S. by President Ulysses S. Grant to A. C. Rice, 80 acres E, NE, Section 32.
March 6 1878 Martha Shrode, guardian, deeded Day's children interest to J. Norton, $1,500.
December 21 1878 Artemus Rice to Captain Joseph S. Garcia, 80 acres, Section 32. West side of Etiwanda Avenue, Victoria to Highland.
May 17 1878 A. Bienfort died. Land sold to James Stevenson. 40 acres for $350.
  1880 Perdew School District formed, Citrus at Summit Avenue.
  1881 G. F. R. B. Perdew settled in Grapeland and planted 25 acres of peaches.
November 18 1881 Mr. Norton deeded Day Canyon land to Petsch.
November 1881 On Thanksgiving Day George and William Chaffey met Captain Joseph S. Garcia and purchased his land.
January 10 1882 Garcia deeded 560 acres to Chaffeys for $30,000.
January 1882 Captain J. H. Scott came to Etiwanda. He was one of the original subscribers of stock in the Etiwanda Water Company. Built first new house in Etiwanda in 1882 on 20 acres, northwest corner of East Avenue and Highland Avenue.
January 10 1882 Chaffeys purchased all water rights from Mr. Petsch.
January 13 1882 Michael Sainsevain sold one-half interest in Horse Canyon to Mr. Banbury.
May 16 1882 Etiwanda Water Company organized with 5000 shares. Maximum ever issued was 2,300.
June 1882 Chaffeys organized California Land Improvement Company. 10,000 shares.
July 1 1882 Alfred Shepherd of Glendale, Ohio bought lots 11 and 14 Block H. Paid $2,000 for 20 acres. Pecan and Victoria Avenue.
Fall 1882 George Frost goes to work for Chaffeys at age 36.
December 11 1882 Monday evening, Chaffeys lighted electric light in home in the  
Chaffey-Garcia House
  1882 Chaffeys installed a telephone line to San Bernardino.
May 4 1883 California Land Improvement Company incorporated by Chaffey Brothers to hold their Etiwanda assets.
May 8 1883 Etiwanda School District formed. One room at southwest corner of East Avenue and Baseline Road.
Early 1883 Chaffey opened Hotel at northwest corner of Langham (Miller) and East Avenue. M. M. Brinks, Proprietor.
  1883 13 people met in Hotel to organize Etiwanda Congregational Church.
October 9 1883 First post office opened in Hotel. James Craig, Postmaster.
October 3 1884 George and William Chaffey to Walter Riche, Lot 13, Block H for $1.000. Northeast corner of Victoria and Etiwanda Avenues.
  1885 48 landholders, 35 resident irrigators on 632 acres.
  1885 Perdew School District had 43 pupils, ages 4 to 17.
January 1 1886 Michael Sainsevain sold one-half interest to Jean L. Sainsevain.
  1886 E. T. Myers set out 5 acres of grapes in Grapeland.
November 15 1886 H. Dugdale bought Lot 16, Block H for $1,250. Summit Avenue.
May 20 1887 Santa Fe Railroad built line between San Gabriel to San Bernardino.
June 4 1887 Mr. Perdew beat E. T. Myers by one vote for School Board.
  1889 Rochester Water Company Incorporated. C. W. Smith, President.
October 24 1889 Marion D. Stephens Patent NW, Section 8, T1S, R6W.
June 2 1890 Grapeland Irrigation District formed 10,600 acres.
September 2 1890 Grapeland Irrigation District, J. D. Ousterhout, President. E. T. Myers, Secretary. 
  1890 Etiwanda School District opened a new two-room school, southeast corner of Victoria and Etiwanda Avenues.
February 1 1891 Walter Taylor English died. Chaffey's lawyer for Etiwanda
  1892 Wood and Safford claimed part of the water in Etiwanda Canyon for Canyon Springs Ranch on Summit Avenue.
Spring 1892 C. A. Hickcox and family arrived at Canyon Springs Ranch.
May 9 1892 Grapeland School District formed at Summit and Sainsevain with 31 pupils.
May 27 1893 C. A. and M. B. Hickcox buy Lots 9, 10 and 15. Block B. From California Land Improvement Company. Summit Avenue $3,300.
September 23 1893 Etiwanda Congregational Church organized. Rev. Brainerd, Pastor, met in Etiwanda School.
October 14 1893 Etiwanda Fruit Company. George Frost, President. W. A. Gilbert, Secretary. 5,000 shares @ $l.00 for dried fruit and raisins.
  1893 Brush fire gutted Sainsevain home.
April 19 1894 C. O. Perrine sold church site to Etiwanda Congregational Church on Etiwanda Avenue.
April 23 1894 Karl Foster to dig a ditch 27" X 25" wide for $2.40 per hundred feet.
July 20 1896 Robert L. Hickcox, my uncle, cut weeds for Water Company along flume, $1.50 per day. Age 18.
  1898 Dr. A. L. Shepherd County Health Officer in area, $8.33 per month.
July 17 1899  Several cases of Typhoid Fever in Etiwanda.
July 18 1899 R. P. Perdew gave a right of way to Etiwanda Water Company SW, NW, Section 16, East Etiwanda Canyon to Etiwanda.
July 21 1899 Major earthquake, San Antonio to Lytle Creek Canyons.
September 22 1899 Perdew School District closed, combined with Grapeland
February 8 1900 Peoples Improvement Company Incorporated.
March 2 1900 Peoples Improvement Company buys all of California Land Improvement Company. 399 1/3 shares.
  1901 Grapeland School District combined with Etiwanda School
. . . . (Approximately a hundred more entries can be found in the book, 
"Etiwanda," which can be purchased from the Etiwanda Historical Society. Some are included here for reference to other articles at this site.)
  1902 Etiwanda Congregational Church built at 7126 Etiwanda Avenue, which now stands next to the Chaffey-Garcia House and Museum.
  1908  Bell from old Grapeland School given to Church by Jones and Johnston.
  1912 Etiwanda School built a four-room, two-story brick school at Etiwanda and Victoria Avenue, southeast corner.
  1913 Major freeze.
May 5 1919 Etiwanda School District Annexed to Chaffey Union High School District.
January 20 1922 Major freeze. January 20, 23 degrees; January 21, 24 degrees; January 22, 27 degrees. All citrus fruit lost with heavy tree damage.
January 9 1922 Rochester School District consolidated with Cucamonga
July 4 1932 50th Anniversary Celebration at Etiwanda School.
February 1837 Major freeze. 19 degrees outside groves on Summit Avenue.
  1938 Major flood.
  1938 Etiwanda School District removed 1912 brick building and built a new one story building. Two wings and auditorium. W. P. A. cleared and graded site and built a wall of the old bricks.
  1948 Fontana School District annexes eastern portion of Etiwanda School District. Etiwanda School District still owns the Perdew School site. (RE: Carlton Lightfoot, Superintendent.)
  1955 Windows in Congregational Church dedicated to George Chaffey and J. C. Jones.
  1967 Summit School dedicated.
January 25 1969 Major flood. Also February 23, worst in 85 years.
October 1 1977 Major fire. San Sevaine to San Antonio Canyons.
  1973 East Avenue School dedicated.
November 8 1977 Alta Loma, Cucamonga and Etiwanda voted to incorporate as Ranch Cucamonga, 36 square miles, the third largest city in San Bernardino County. James C. Frost received the largest number of votes and elected Mayor. The great-grandson of early settler George Frost.
November 25 1989 Fires, Summit-Etiwanda, burned from East Canyon wash at Summit to Sansevaine wash along foothills, and also burned to the top of the mountain in Sansevaine and Ingvaldsen Canyons. Fires from 25th to 30th. Balsy-Waterman Canyon, Malibu, Trabuco. 
  1986 Two schools, 937 pupils.
September 1988 Fire, Etiwanda Canyon to Lytle Creek.
February 28 1990 5.5 earthquake at 3:44 p.m. and 4.8 at 9:23 a.m.
  1992 Five schools, 3,588 pupils.
  1993 Rancho Cucamonga High School, Rochester Avenue opens.
July 4 1993 Etiwanda Community Church 100th Anniversary.
July 4 1993 Chaffey-Garcia House opened and dedication.


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