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The documentation on this site refers to version 0.22.0 alpha, released 2004-09-19, but the most recent version is 0.24.0 beta, released 2005-01-30. The differences between the two are negligible.

New Mailing List! We now have a mailing list courtesy of tigris.org; just send an empty email to users-subscribe@textwiki.tigris.org to subscribe. (pmj, 2004-11-08)

What Text_Wiki Does

The Text_Wiki package allows you to transform text structured using Wiki rules into any defined target output format, such as XHTML, RTF, LaTeX, and so on.

Note: The current release only supports XHTML and plain-text output. RTF, LaTeX, DocBook, and so on will be added as the codebase stabilizes and matures.

Text_Wiki achieves this level of flexibility by using one class for each part of the transformation process:

  • one class for parsing each markup rule (e.g., bold, code, wikilink, etc)
  • one class for rendering each general format (e.g., XHTML, DocBook, RTC, etc)
  • one class for rendering each rule in each format

Text_Wiki comes with its own set of markup rules (see the SamplePage), but you can write any rules you like to match whatever style you're used to. Text_Wiki draws its default rules from a number of codebases, most notably WikkiTikkiTavi and coWiki; while no code has been directly copied from those codebases, they were indispensible in learning how to process Wiki text.

What Text_Wiki Does Not Do

The Text_Wiki package does not implement storage, saving, editing, diffs, page counts, and so on. Those functions are more properly the domain of a full Wiki application and environment, which is outside the stated Text_Wiki goals (i.e., to transform Wiki text according to defined rules for a target output format). You may wish to examine Yawiki if you need a full Wiki system and not just a wiki parser.

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