Lily Allen - "Alfie"

Any second now, Lily Allen's gonna blow up. She's got four singles out already, and there's a good chance that a fifth one will be making its way into our collective eardrums soon too (yes, Alright, Still is that loaded). We don't really watch MTV anymore, but can't you just imagine her guest-hosting TRL for a week (TRL still exists, right?), showing a different one of her videos every day, and slowly but surely charming America's pants off?

Well, we can, and for our money, this video feels like the one Lily would show on Friday. It's easily the most winsome of the four she's already made, with Sarah Chatfield dressing an after-school special up in the garb of a Saturday morning cartoon, tongue-in-cheek and heart-in-the-right-place at the same time.

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