DREB 2003 Conference

DREB 2003

The Fifth International Workshop in this series will be held at RIKEN

Thu-Sat 31 May - 2 June 2007
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Wako, Tokyo, Japan

The Fourth International Workshop in this series was held at MSU

Wed-Sat 22-25 June 2005
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DREB2003 Pages:  15 July 2003


Welcome Presentation
Ian Thompson Summary Talk
Conference Photographs

The Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Physics at the University of Surrey is pleased to announce that the 3rd conference in this series was a great success, with wonderful SUNSHINE in Guildford and many new and interesting research results.

LOCAL INFORMATION : local sights, things to do, our own travel advice, travel, accommodation, etc.

DREB2003 was held on the campus at the University of Surrey from Thursday to Saturday, 10-12 July 2003, and followed the earlier meetings in this series, instigated by researchers at MSU, Florida, Saclay and Orsay. The earlier meetings were held in 1999 at Michigan State University (USA) and in 2001 at IPN Orsay (France) - the latter co-hosted by DAPNIA Saclay.

Scientific Programme:

The scientific content addressed the understanding of reaction mechanisms and the extraction of quantitative nuclear structure information from direct reactions and included theoretical and experimental topics in

  •  - nucleon knockout reactions
  •  - elastic scattering of halo and other exotic nuclei
  •  - nuclear structure via inelastic scattering
  •  - nucleon and few-nucleon transfer reactions
  •  - resonance scattering in inverse kinematics
  •  - sub- and near-barrier fusion with exotic nuclei
  •  - nuclear astrophysics studied by reactions with exotic nuclei
  •  - recent structure theory with relevance to exotic nuclei


  • - recent and future developments in experimental instrumentation

The workshop followed a similar structure to the 2001 meeting, which filled 3 full days. It ran from Thursday morning July 10 until the end of the afternoon session at 4.30pm on Saturday 12 July 2003.

International Advisory Panel: Y. Blumenfeld (IPN Orsay), W.N. Catford (University of Surrey), P.G. Hansen (Michigan State University), R.C. Johnson (University of Surrey), K.W. Kemper (Florida State University), D. Morrisey (Michigan State University), P. Roussel-Chomaz (GANIL), N. Van Giai (IPN Orsay).

Local Organising Committee: W.N. Catford (Chair),  J.S. Al-Khalili, W.Gelletly, R.C. Johnson, C.N. Timis, N.K. Timofeyuk (Scientific Secretary), J.A. Tostevin, Esther Williams (Secretary).

Guildford is about 50 km south west of London (see the regional map of South East England, as shown below).  Gatwick and Heathrow airports are each about 50 km away and have reasonable links to Guildford. There is a fast train link (40 minutes) between London Waterloo station and Guildford, on the express line to Portsmouth on the south coast. Waterloo station is also the London terminus for Eurostar train links (160-180 minutes) to Brussels and Paris. By road, Guildford is on the A3 which connects to the M25 London ring road at Junction 10 (parking on the campus would require us to be notified in advance). The University's web pages include general travel links and maps.

To determine the TIME now in Guildford, click http://www.worldtimeserver.com/?locationid=GB

Guildford is closely related to Daresbury, in the sense that Lewis Carroll (who wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) was born in Daresbury and is buried in Guildford. Alan Turing (the mathematician who laid the foundation for modern computing) was brought up in Guildford, whilst Lady Ada Lovelace (daughter of the poet Lord Byron, and the first computer programmer - for Babbage's analytical engine ) lived in the village of Ockham, nearby, which was also the birthplace of the 14th century logician William of Occam (of Razor fame). Thomas Malthus (theories of population growth) grew up in the village of Albury, near Guildford. The music groups Genesis and  The Stranglers formed in Guildford, and Eric Clapton was born in nearby Ripley. Scholars of Arthurian legend identify Guildford as Astolat, or Shalott,  the place where Lancelot met Lady Elaine le Blank, who in turn is known as The Fair Maid of Astolat or The Lady of Shalott.

The Lady of Shalott (John William Waterhouse)
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Alice at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party (John Tenniel)

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