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  • The New Literacy
  • Hymn for a Mohawk January
  • The Wait

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  • Japonica

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  • A Chaos Theory

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  • Egg Exchange
  • 10% Catholicism
  • A Boy Dreams of Other Worlds



  Brandon Cesmat »
  • When Pigs Fall in Love

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  • The Dream of Emeralds
  • The Open Road
  • House Hunted
  • Life with Ham
Soul Music

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  • One More Expert Speaks to a Jury


Read an interview with Author on the Wall, Mike Dockins, at Web Del Sol

And then visit his band CLOP's  Web site and buy their new album, Fame for Zoe.



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Mike Dockins »

A flag on a postage stamp waves at an old woman.

Something’s wrong: her envelope says “eclectic bill”

and white dust of pulverized Ichthyosaur skulls

scatters into her cataracts and paper cuts.

She’d always been convinced that civilization

would crumble and be mailed to her.

from Modern Tricycle Fable