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Adam Morse


Favorite Color:
Midnight blue...not to be confused with blizzard blue, blue bell, navy blue, cadet blue, pacific blue (man, that was a sweet show...Mario Lopez really showed his versatility as a bike cop in that USA network hit), robin's egg blue, wild blue yonder, or Rebecca Romijn-Stamos after realizing that she had just left John fuckin' Stamos blue (note: i checked crayola's website and all those colors are real ones...well, except for that final one. But it probably couldn't be anyway, because it would be bluer than blue could be). Actually scratch that, it's pink.
Favorite Superhero:
Wow, that took a while. Lets take a look at this next question...my favorite superhero would have to be the the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They count, right? And if they don't, then screw you. After my color answer, I should get some leeway on this one.
Favorite Movie:
Mio in the Land of Faraway (that is, until the geniuses over in Hollywood get off of their ass and make a Big Momma's House 3).
Captain Planet VS Darkwing Duck - Who would win and why?
Oh, this is a truly tough one. Lets see...Darkwing duck was a working man's superhero. Not blessed with superhuman powers, Darkwing Duck (or Drake Mallard as he is known amongst the common folk) relies on his cunning, technological savvy, and some crazy antics thanks to our friends over at the Disney animation studios to conquer his foes.

Meanwhile, Captain Planet is gifted with every superhero power one could want...flight, super strength, and nifty, tight red speedos. However, lets remember that Captain Planet cannot exist without the planateer's rings, while Darkwing just needed a well-placed puff of smoke...so their powers are a wash.

On to theme songs...normally one would suspect that Captain Planet would kick ass in this category as I think everyone in America can proudly say "we are planeteers, you can be one too. cause saving our planet is the thing to do". However, as any in-depth Captain Planet afficionado would know, the theme song to "The New Adventures of Captain Planet" is truly awful. Don't agree with me...download it and check it out. It is horrible...almost as horrible as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos leaving John. Anyway, so because the later theme song sucked so much it makes me want to throw up, I call that category a wash too.

So, how should I decide you might ask? I will base that decision solely based on the career of the guy who did there voices. After some imdb checking, while Captain Planetīs David Colburn has been on "Sister, Sister" (major cool points there), Darkwing Duck's Jim Cummings has 258! credits to his name. Wow, that is sick. He has been in all the greats from Gummi Bears to Family Guy. And he played the hyena Ed in the Lion King who couldn't spell. Truly a great career...for that Darkwing Duck wins. Point Adam.
Saved by the Bell VS Full House
Full House...no, Saved By The Bell...no, Full House...wait, no, Saved by the Bell...please don't make me decide. I consider choosing between Full House and Saved By the Bell like choosing between sleeping with Heidi Klum or Penelope Cruz...lets just sleep with them both and call it a night.
Five interesting facts about you that no one really cares about:
  1. Someone once told me that I had amazing cheekbones. Someone else told me that I didn't have cheekbones. Makes you think.
  2. I can drink 4 sodas, take 4 shots, and run a mile in under 7 minutes.
  3. I have had two concussions. I got them participating in diving and swimming.
  4. I own 9 Isaiah Rider basketball cards.
  5. I love the fishes 'cuz they're so delicious. Gone goldfishing!

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