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Garrett Miller


Favorite Color:
Favorite Superhero:
Spider-Man. I mean, he rocks the "nerd triumphs above it all" genre like no other. Plus Mary Jane is a fox.
Favorite Movie:
I love most movies, and the favorites always seem to change. But there's one I always go back to for a good, solid two hour brain break- "Ferris Beuler's Day Off". "Groundhog Day" is WAY up there though.
Captain Planet VS Darkwing Duck - Who would win and why?
While Darkwing Duck does have amazing sleuthing skills, he was always somewhat inept when it came to detecting immeninent danger. I mean, true, "When there's trouble, you call DW". But that doesn't necessarily mean he'll quickly rid you of said troubles. He takes the clumsy way around, but in the end, he does triumph.

Meanwhile, you've got Captain Planet, who is the last-ditch weapon that these wimpy kids have to call on when the evil that is terrorizing the Earth's ecosystem just becomes too much. So that says something about the man- he must be powerful, because he's the end all to any problem. Then again, sludge and smog do seem to keep him down pretty easily.

This question is inherently hard to answer, since both heroes have their obvious weaknesses. But in the end, Captain Planet has the ability to fly, and I'll be damned if his costume isn't rocking. I'm gonna side with the Captain on this one.
Saved by the Bell VS Full House
Uncle Jesse totally trumps Zach Morris any day. I'm sorry, but Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey are the coolest uncles in the world. Although, in hindsight, they're not doing too hot on the whole "moving out of the house" thing. Oh.. wow. So THAT'S why it's called "Full House"!
Five interesting facts about you that no one really cares about:
  1. Can recite the alphabet backwards AND forwards
  2. Once bicycled across the United States. Really!
  3. Can tell the difference between sheep breeds Lincoln and Coopworth.
  4. My parents' names are Dalis and Houston. My middle name is Austin.
  5. Apparently I'm only four-facts interesting.

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