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Szczecin, Poland, is easily reachable by Ryanair from Stanstead Airport. Contact Michal to arrange your dental treatment before booking your flight. I flew into Berlin and was picked up and driven to Szczecin, Ryanair now fly direct from Stanstead Airport so your journey will be very easy. Buses and taxis are all available to take you from the airport or you can ask Michal to arrange someone to pick you up and take you to your hotel. The cost of hotels vary as they do anywhere else in the world. I found my hotel by going to Google and typing in Szczecin Hotels . Generally I found the prices cheap as compaired to Ireland or the UK.

Currency: Polish Zlotty The rate of exchange in October 2005 was 1 Euro = 4 Zlotty

There are a few nice places to eat and drink within the city centre as well as some nice sight seeing:

The Bombay Indian Restaurant

Colorado Pub & Restaurant

Jin Du Chinese Restuarant.

Rocker Club Pub & Restaurant

Zamkowa Restaurant Ladoga

Sake Japanese Restaurant