A praise report from our church in Hermon

To all my brothers and sisters in Christ:
Greetings in Jesus’ name.

Our Hermon Community Church , with God's help and leading, has witnessed our vision coming to pass: to preserve Christian education on the former Pacific Christian site and to expand the Hermon Church ’s mission in this community.

After a challenging two-and-a-half-year struggle, we have seen the board of the former school locate a buyer for the site that meets with the church’s conviction. After the former buyer, KB Homes, backed out of the land purchase arrangement, PC initiated litigation to settle matters in the courts regarding the historic school site.

The Board of Administration from our own Southern California Conference (FMCSC) stood by our side and supported this justice effort by courageously providing the defense funds necessary so the Hermon church could properly advocate for fairness. For this, we are very grateful.

While waiting for a scheduled mediation hearing, Bethesda Christian University (BCU) came into the picture as a potential buyer that would meet the church’s stated requirements for a new owner while providing long-needed capital to the sellers. This graduate seminary wanted to relocate from their current Orange County campus, and also had the wherewithal to acquire the entire 7+ - acre site.

After performing our own due diligence, we came to understand, and to accept as suitable, BCU’s evangelical Christian doctrine and theology. The church was able to legally place a covenant with the sale, so the site will always be protected for its purpose of Christian education. And, as we had hoped, our little church was compensated monetarily in relinquishing the exercise of our first right of refusal. This permitted us to pay in full all the legal fees we had incurred during this time.
But that’s not all! We will now be able to expand our mission in the ways we have long believed God would have us undertake.
Some of these plans include:
  • Establishing a scholarship fund for students in our community, making it possible for selected families to send their children to Christian schools. (The specific details of this fund will be worked out early in the coming year.)
  • Implementing a capital improvements fund to correct decades of inadequate facilities upkeep and repair. This will assist us in seeking God’s will for us to grow His kingdom in our own community for the future.
I will be making a thorough presentation to the community and answering anyone’s questions in the new year.

We can rejoice in the Lord's faithfulness. He did it! Though we went through difficult days, our declaration from the first day never changed, and it was accomplished: “to preserve Christian education on the hill and expand the Church’s mission.” He has been faithful – and so are we.

AMEN! To God be the glory!
~ Pastor A.J. Mora