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Paramount Classics To Donate An Unprecedented One Million Dollars To Fight Global Warming

Paramount Classics announced today that “An Inconvenient Truth�? has grossed over $20 million dollars, making it the #4 highest grossing documentary of all time. As part of the campaign to encourage audiences to see “An Inconvenient Truth,�? Classics made an unprecedented pledge of 5% of all box office receipts to be donated to The Alliance for Climate Protection. With the success of the film, that donation will exceed $1 million dollars.

“We are enormously grateful for Paramount Classics’ contribution to the work of the Alliance,�? said Larry Schweiger, President Co-Chair, Alliance for Climate Protection. “Reaching the $20 million threshold is phenomenal for a documentary film on climate change, a monumental tribute to Al Gore’s vision and tireless work on this issue, and to Paramount Classics and Participant Productions for their courage in producing this important film and bringing it to millions of Americans who are learning the truth about global warming.”

“It has been thrilling to watch this important movie become a grassroots phenomenon,�? said Paramount Classics President John Lesher. “People are buying group tickets to see the film and having discussion groups afterwards to talk about the lessons learned from the movie. Audiences who love the film are purchasing tickets for those who are still skeptical about the issue. And major corporations have bought tickets for their employees; it is pretty incredible.�?

“We are thrilled that our documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ has reached this milestone,�? said Jeff Skoll, Chairman and CEO of Participant Productions. “Equally important has been the incredible response to the film’s social action campaign, which has inspired people across the country to take individual action and make a difference in their own communities.”

“An Inconvenient Truth,” was produced by Participant Productions, which had previously pledged to contribute all of their profits to the Alliance, and was acquired by Paramount Classics at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. The film opened in New York and Los Angeles on May 24.

The Alliance for Climate Protection will also receive 100% of Al Gore’s proceeds from the film and the companion book “An Inconvenient Truth�? (Rodale), a pledge he made prior to release.

37 Responses to “Paramount Classics To Donate An Unprecedented One Million Dollars To Fight Global Warming”

  1. terrymalloy Says:

    Do anyone know when the film will be available to audiences in the UK?

  2. thermoguy Says:

    People living in heat waves may not have Gore’s movie in your cities but you were living it regardless of the size of your home, your wealth or popularity.

    The same UV that burns your skin plays havoc with absorbent building finishes. The building industry is very aware of it, they use low-e windows to combat solar gain. In the meantime, the rest of the building exterior is high-e and GENERATES heat.

    Do you see homes with tinfoil on the windows? The heat is coming through the walls, not the windows and is taking buildings outside design temperature. We treat the heat load with air conditioning(big emissions)

    You do not need to generate more electricity for the load, you need to get rid of the problem. Buildings are exceeding their design temperatures to be using electrical waste for cooling loads.

    Go to an engineer and ask him what will happen if something grossly exceeds design temperature, they will tell you failure.

    Go to an architect and ask him what it would mean for a building to be grossly exceeding design temperature, they will tell you failure, mold, emissions, waste and not compliant.

    Quit blaming utility providers, they are doing an exceptional job keeping up with our waste. Consumers(homeowners) determine if we get knocked off the grid.

    Economy would not be impacted at all if you treated the problems instead of reacting to the symptoms and Canada would meet Kyoto as would other countries.

    Buildings are a science and need to be left to professionals, not economy.

    How come you aren’t complaining about the emissions treating heat symptoms during heatwaves. California and other industry giants just got together with Tony Blair to formulate a plan. They are the group that produces trillions in economy.

    In the meantime, you have a rich group of people that don’t know what they are talking about or they would be speaking about the heatwaves, electrical waste, emissions, greenhouse gases, toxins and poisoning people.

    People better wake up and take this very personally, where do you think cancers come from? IBC is Inflammatory Breast Cancer, can’t be detected with traditional methods, is misdiagnosed and woman are dying at young ages. As a doctor if toxins from fossil fuel emissions, mercury emissions, etc could cause cancer? When you are up on the hill looking at how the peasants in the valley live, remember they are creating the greenhouse gases poisoning you and your loved ones. We are in this together.

    One of the imaging applications we just lectured doctors on was
    the ability to give the medical industry immediate sight of IBC or other cancers with portable imaging, then what? We have to get the poisons out of global cycles.

    Eliminating the toxic emissions is paramount to Gore’s success and he needs more people to help this movie. Take it personally, your life is at risk. Go to www.thermoguy.com/globalwarming-heatgain.html and see the function of your buildings, change colors, plant trees. We do not want to create a thermal load atmospherically.

  3. Earthwalker Says:

    It is time to release this film internationally. If it can do as well across the pond as it has here and the same pledges are made in the donation department…..well that would be something wouldn’t it?
    I know folks the world over are itchin’ to get this film into their theaters. Paramount knows it too, but there is the matter of ‘red-tape’ for the film industry as well.
    It will come count on it. I am betting that Paramount is eyeballing the #1 earnings all-time spot in the documentary genre. A mix of capitalism and environmental conscienceness….a trend that should continue. A small example of how there is profit in being green-minded.
    Someone is watching and maintaining this site so keep on talking and asking for worldwide exposure of AIT.

  4. jjroper Says:

    First of all, a million bucks for a global problem is chump change.

    Second of all, if this article is true (http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/editorials/2006-08-09-gore-green_x.htm), then Gore really needs to put his money where his mouth is!

    Green starts at home! If we want to influence any important issue, we have to live what we speak!


  5. Jessieuk Says:

    Tremendous news with the $20mn gross. We still need to continue to get the word out there, and get viewers to the cinemas, and get people to ACTION.

    Would be great to know when the film will be available for DVD distribution and purchase.

    An idea I had immediately, whilst watching the movie last month, is to get a copy of the documentary sent to every school (high school) - US - in order for pupils to gain knowledge and insight into the issues at hand concerning their future as well as the planets. It could provide a knock on effect.

    Keep the AWARENESS alive, and encourage ACTION from all levels.

  6. gregcraven Says:

    I’ve looked and looked and can’t figure out how to contact the webmaster of this site. Does anybody know how to get the following message to those who maintain climatecrisis.net?

    “I’ve been following the success of “An Inconvenient Truth�? since its release, as well as the fortunes of the website sharethetruth.us, and have come to a conclusion that I hope you will agree with.

    The better “Truth�? does in the theaters, the greater the political impact (and Paramounts bottom line), yet its run is definitely on the downhill slide. We might be able to fire it up again if people get turned on to the dynamic of sharethetruth.us, where people who have seen the movie and feel a need for immediate and effective action can donate so that others will see the movie.

    Here’s my reasoning: we need to reach the doubters and the indifferent. The best way to do that is for them to be encouraged by their friends who have seen the movie. If the only cost to them seeing the movie is 2 hours, rather than 2 hours and 10 bucks, then it is much much more likely to happen. Sharethetruth.us can make that happen, but people who’ve seen the movie need to find it.

    So here’s my proposal: make sharethetruth.us the first and last thing someone sees when they come to climatecrisis.net. An intellectually honest person cannot see the movie without thinking “what can I do?,�? and the most natural thing for someone to do is go to the website provided at the end of the movie. There, they should be immediately directed to go to sharethetruth.us, because $20 spent on getting others to see the movie will have a greater effect than $20 spent on any other carbon-reducing action.

    I realize that climatecrisis.net already refers to sharethetruth.us in the blog section. But it’s buried there. At this point, it should replace the outdated pledge banner at the top of the main page, as well as be the feature (or at least, prominantly visible) in the “see the truth,�? “take action,�? “news and blog,�? and “partners�? sections.

    Sharethetruth.us has the potential to be a self-feeding dynamic, which could possibly re-ignite the theater run of “Truth,�? and maybe even push us over a tipping point of public perception and political will. I’ve seen more unlikely things happen.

    Just think how cool it would be if making a few simple changes to the website lit this thing on fire! Imagine if one out of every two voters had seen “An Inconvenient Truth!�? How can we afford not to try it?

    Thanks very much for your time and consideration.

    Greg Craven
    Monmouth, Oregon”

  7. annaruthq Says:

    Just want to say thanks and congrats, Al. I’m a fellow tennessean recently transplanted to Oakland. Because of this movie, I’ll continue to ride my bike. Not just out of financial necessity, but forever forward.
    I’m so proud to tell everyone that you’re from my home state.

  8. James Says:

    What does that tell people?…if everyone in the U.S donated a nickel for every dollar earned to Fight Global Warming…We will be victorious?… I like the idea that Al Gore gets a nickel every time something melts better; because that is what’s going to be happening…even if Exxon Mobli donated 5% of their $36.1 billion dollar profits in 2006, I favor Al Gore getting a nickel every time something melts….. I would like to here more about ” the incredible response to the film’s social action campaign which has inspired people across the country to take individual action and make a difference in ther own communities” because that is what will win the fight.


  9. Jan Says:

    I went out on our main street today and spent a couple of hours handing out flyers downloaded from this site. All together I have handed out about 100 flyers in the past couple of weeks, and I have gotten a relatively positive response. Today I met a woman who had her beautiful little girl with her who was three years old. I stopped her and asked if she would be willing to read the flyer and take it, as it was about a new movie that came out regarding our children’s future… that hooked her, and we then began to discuss what the future would look like if we don’t start taking steps to change things. She said she was concerned for the future her daughter would have, and I told her that she can be hopeful for it because she has the power to help change it by starting to do the ten steps on the flyer, and by passing it on to everyone she knows and by also teaching it to her daughter.

    She told me she was going to go see An Inconvenient Truth (even though to be honest she said she really didn’t like nor dislike Al Gore but wanted to see the message,) and thanked me for talking to her about it. It was a very uplifting experience for me too to discuss this with her. I also met a few other couples who had small children who were very receptive to the flyers. It is effective if you take the time to hand them out.

    Just as a tip, when I hand out flyers I basically look for people who have children because I believe it is important to pass this on to them. So far I have only had one person who refused the flyer. Not bad statistics. I have also learned how to be more creative in handing them out to try to reach even more people. I post them at ATM stations, on phone booths, at bus stops, and leave them behind in restaurants, or put them in mail slots of businesses. So believe me it is worth the time to do this, and you will reach people. Even if it is only one, it is a success as far as I am concerned. I’m going out again tomorrow.

    Oh, and congratulations on passing twenty million. I truly hope this reignites the grassroots environmental movement in this country.

  10. Jan Says:

    Um yeah, about that USA Today hit piece by Peter Schweizer, who btw is a CONSERVATIVE author and a member of the Hoover Institute, whose book was recently praised by Bill O’Reilly… ahem…

    Is Peter Schweizer “green?” What does he drive? How does he live his life? Does he even know what carbon neutral means? Does he also know that Mr. Gore is giving all of his profits from this book and movie to the Alliance for Climate Protection, which is a bi-partisan organization started by Mr. Gore and Theodore Roosevelt’s grandson to bring this issue to the forefront? Of course not. Why should facts get in the way of his feces throwing?

    This project isn’t just some lame attempt to make money like RW pundits do in writing Liberal attack books. This is about bringing a clear and present danger regarding our sustainability to people of all political persuasions who need to know it. Of course, I do understand how that inconvenient truth has raised the hackles of those who make their living on keeping people in the dark, hence tripe like this being written.

    And BTW, may I remind him and the entire gaggle of naysayers that Al Gore’s book An Inconvenient Truth is still number one on the NY Times bestseller list. I think Mr. Schweizer wrote some obscure book his article referred to that isn’t even close… HMMM, do I detect a bit of jealousy here as well? Where are the profits from Mr Schweizer’s book ( if there are any) going btw? His pocket? Talk about hypocrisy.

    It is clear to me that this is a concerted effort by the same old crowd to put Mr. Gore under a microscope personally in order to escape having to discuss the scientific facts of this movie because they cannot be disputed. It is the same type of character assassination of Al Gore that took place in 2000, and if it wasn’t so desperate it would be funny.

    This also isn’t just his information as much as it is the scientists who have been studying this for the last twenty plus years and warning people what would happen if we continue, if we ALL continue our rapacious way of living. Mr. Gore is the messenger for all of the scientists from the IPCC, to the ACIA, down to NASA who have been saying this for years! Many of whom like Jim Hanson, have been intimidated by the Bush administration which definitely has an aversion to the truth.

    928 peer reviewed scientific papers conclude that humans are contributing to the continued exacerbation of the conditions that are causing this climate crisis. They are there to read if Mr. Schweizer cares to write substance instead of high school bully rhetoric. And when Schweizer and his ilk begin noting their own lifestyles publicly for all to see and start riding bikes wherever they go and living in mud huts, maybe diversionary tripe like this won’t sound as desperate as it is.

    The climate crisis we face is real and its effects are now being felt globally. Hit pieces like this do absolutely nothing to further action on this issue, and are a great disservice to the people. Mr. Gore is doing something as a private citizen to raise awareness of an issue that has been kept in the shadows for way too long and is inspiring others to action. That’s more than can be said for the hypocrites who attack him. And I for one support his work and join with him in it.

  11. tverdell Says:

    ThermoGuy, what do you think of EarthShips.


  12. greenvalley Says:

    How about the mess we are making in Iraq, Lebanon and Australia testing our weapons on the innocent.
    We have to stop this multi-trillion dollar war machine and petro profiteers before our efforts can be easily stopped like an ant farm being stomped on by an elephant. Natural disasters will be much nicer then a nuclear fallout.
    Pictures on US veteran and Iraqi babies from Gulf War Uranium contamination
    A movie on WMD testing by US in Australia.

  13. sgcroxton Says:

    It’s wonderful that Paramount is giving $1M to fight global warming; kudos for this. But how about this; when An Inconvenient Truth goes to video/DVD, release it without copyguarding so people can make copies and distribute them freely. Just a thought…

  14. thermoguy Says:

    Earthships and the concept is the only types of construction that can speak about sustainability, present construction and especially North American construction is garbage.

    That comment isn’t a reflection of individuals or professionals, it is a real reflection of the results of the entire process.

    Earthships explain the required process very nicely, recyle and respect what sustains the entire globes life. Present communities have crackheads, heroin, crystal meth, pharmaceuticals, mercury, vioxx, birth control, banned pesticides, etc in our recycled water and studies show babies polluted before birth. Babies getting a death sentence because of our lack of understanding environmentally.

    Everything we do cycles through the entire planet, this is supposed to be the mother earthship.

    How have people enjoyed the heat waves this year? Al Gore’s movie and global warming is treated with such disregard. George Bush thinks economies will be impacted by reducing emissions? The electrical demand across the US during the heat waves is massive greenhouse gas emissions, electrical systems were knocked off the grid across North America. These greenhouse gas emissions are not because of economy, they are because of UV impact on buildings taking them outside design temperatures. UV is having a horrific impact on buildings all year round and we are not addressing the heat emissions atmospherically. The heat emissions increase with every new building, with every scraping of the living earth so we can put up dead absorbent building materials? Go to www.thermoguy.com/globalwarming-heatgain.html and see building performance. People are buying buildings that are not compliant with building codes and it will impact your health.

    It isn’t sustainable and is killing our children, now compound this with the pharmaceuticals, toxins not being caught by waste water treatment anywhere in the world.

    Earthship concepts are so important to our survival as a species because hell is coming for what we are doing to the greenhouse that sustains all life.

    California Governor met with Tony Blair, Richard Branson from Virgin and other corporations to disuss global warming because they represent economies of trillions. They are well intended but don’t know what greehouse gases are or the issues at hand. They actually think they are serving the best interests of industry and economies but they are wrong, missing critical data. The Governor has not returned my calls based on the urgency of the information he is missing.

    California is busy treating symptoms of a heat wave with air conditioning which is massive greenhouse gas emissions, toxin emissions, gigawatts of electrical waste, they are not even considering the massive heat emissions atmospherically from heat generation. While California is fighting to keep their electrical on, the governor is in Europe with Blair and the trillion dollar gang discussing how to reduce emissions? I want to present for the trillion dollar group and show them what they are missing.

    While North Americans keep throwing up development after development, increasing the tax base, everyone making money or so we think and it is a fallicy. All of these new buildings are signed off as compliant because because compliance couldn’t be seen. The UV is generating heat and we use more electrical to treat the symptoms in every new building.

    The power consumption during heat waves will grow and challenge the ability to provide electricity. What happens when industry is knocked off the grid, it impacts the trillion dollar club. Isn’t it horrific that the loss of economy is because of a symptom of the problem? How good is Google, Microsoft, Boeing or any industry without electricity? Is North America military capable without electricity?

    Who gets electricity later on? Is a home still worth millions without electricity? We are headed to a crisis and the blind are leading the blind. Earthship homes don’t have the problems or the emissions, we have to wake up, we are in a fight for our existence.

    When you look at the link above, think of polar caps melting and the superheat we are creating with new development. Kyoto is failing because we are using emissions to treat heat symptoms which means burning more fossil fuels, more mercury, more cancers and it all flows into the oceans and the cycle continues.

    The clock is ticking and we don’t have alot of time. Now that I have an imaging application for Inflammatory Breast Cancer ( IBC ) it terrifies me to have discussions with doctors about toxicity and cancers.

    FYI, the idea that we can save so many lives with the imaging of Inflammatory Breast Cancer at early stages may mean the difference between life or death. It is simply giving doctors second sight of inflammation and we are attempting to contact Oprah because of her audience. She needs to discuss the cause which is related to global warming, toxicity of the planet.

    Al Gore keep fighting the good fight, Clinton should be part of the team in representing this information. Where is Hollywood, where is the religious community, this is creation taking the beating from us.

  15. lisa Says:

    Whoa! I was stunned by this article I read in the USA Today. Would anyone PLEASE care to explain the hypocrisy in it? I have always been an Al Gore fan, but I am sick and disheartened but what I just read.

    Updated:2006-08-14 10:27:57
    How Green Is He?
    Gore isn’t quite as green as he’s led the world to believe

    Al Gore has spoken: The world must embrace a “carbon-neutral lifestyle.” To do otherwise, he says, will result in a cataclysmic catastrophe. “Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb,” warns the website for his film, An Inconvenient Truth. “We have just 10 years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tailspin.”

    Graciously, Gore tells consumers how to change their lives to curb their carbon-gobbling ways: Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs, use a clothesline, drive a hybrid, use renewable energy, dramatically cut back on consumption. Better still, responsible global citizens can follow Gore’s example, because, as he readily points out in his speeches, he lives a “carbon-neutral lifestyle.” But if Al Gore is the world’s role model for ecology, the planet is doomed.

    For someone who says the sky is falling, he does very little. He says he recycles and drives a hybrid. And he claims he uses renewable energy credits to offset the pollution he produces when using a private jet to promote his film. (In reality, Paramount Classics, the film’s distributor, pays this.)

    What Do You Think?

    Public records reveal that as Gore lectures Americans on excessive consumption, he and his wife Tipper live in two properties: a 10,000-square-foot, 20-room, eight-bathroom home in Nashville, and a 4,000-square-foot home in Arlington, Va. (He also has a third home in Carthage, Tenn.) For someone rallying the planet to pursue a path of extreme personal sacrifice, Gore requires little from himself.

    Then there is the troubling matter of his energy use. In the Washington, D.C., area, utility companies offer wind energy as an alternative to traditional energy. In Nashville, similar programs exist. Utility customers must simply pay a few extra pennies per kilowatt hour, and they can continue living their carbon-neutral lifestyles knowing that they are supporting wind energy. Plenty of businesses and institutions have signed up. Even the Bush administration is using green energy for some federal office buildings, as are thousands of area residents.

    But according to public records, there is no evidence that Gore has signed up to use green energy in either of his large residences. When contacted Wednesday, Gore’s office confirmed as much but said the Gores were looking into making the switch at both homes. Talk about inconvenient truths.

    Gore is not alone. Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has said, “Global warming is happening, and it threatens our very existence.” The DNC website applauds the fact that Gore has “tried to move people to act.” Yet, astoundingly, Gore’s persuasive powers have failed to convince his own party: The DNC has not signed up to pay an additional two pennies a kilowatt hour to go green. For that matter, neither has the Republican National Committee.

    Maybe our very existence isn’t threatened.

    Gore has held these apocalyptic views about the environment for some time. So why, then, didn’t Gore dump his family’s large stock holdings in Occidental (Oxy) Petroleum? As executor of his family’s trust, over the years Gore has controlled hundreds of thousands of dollars in Oxy stock. Oxy has been mired in controversy over oil drilling in ecologically sensitive areas.

    Living carbon-neutral apparently doesn’t mean living oil-stock free. Nor does it necessarily mean giving up a mining royalty either.

    Humanity might be “sitting on a ticking time bomb,” but Gore’s home in Carthage is sitting on a zinc mine. Gore receives $20,000 a year in royalties from Pasminco Zinc, which operates a zinc concession on his property. Tennessee has cited the company for adding large quantities of barium, iron and zinc to the nearby Caney Fork River.

    The issue here is not simply Gore’s hypocrisy; it’s a question of credibility. If he genuinely believes the apocalyptic vision he has put forth and calls for radical changes in the way other people live, why hasn’t he made any radical change in his life? Giving up the zinc mine or one of his homes is not asking much, given that he wants the rest of us to radically change our lives.

    Peter Schweizer is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and author of Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy.

  16. lisa Says:

    I am full-on for atacking the global warming crisis, in any constructive, productive and creative way possible. But what I am finding hard to comprehend is why one of the leading figureheads of the movement, Al Gore, not practicing what he preaches? The USA Today article on Mr. Gore, whether politically or jealousy motivated, points out major decrepancies in Mr. Gore’s philosophy on global warming. As far as I am concerned, if it truly is such a “crisis” than anything and everything should be done to alleviate the ramifications of our actions on the environment. Please, I am just reccomending Mr. Gore practice what he preaches.

  17. Jan Says:

    AIT third highest grossing documentary


    And I sure hope it is because all who have seen it actually care for our planet and are now doing something as was suggested in the movie to face this crisis. Frankly, I have had enough of the partisan “politization” of this movie.


    And yeah, a big hug and kiss (very politely on the cheek ;-) ) for Mr. Gore.

    Oh, also, I know the movie is now being shown in other countries such as Germany and Australia, so I don’t know if those receipts have been added into this figure, or if those figures above only include theatre receipts and not sales from the DVD.

    And I’m still telling people to go see it.
    We can’t let the momentum die!

  18. septimosegunda Says:

    hi, i’d really like to see the movie! Anyone knows when it’ll come to Spain? Thanks

  19. Earthwalker Says:

    ….yeah….what Jan said. Attacks on anybody’s character always come, when the message is good.

    My thoughts are….., I wonder why these guys are even bothering to put their low IQ and need of further research crap out there? Why don’t they just save it for the Rush Limbaugh power hour?

    USA Today is not exactly the most non-bias publication, good - if you want to know the weather forcast for the next week but the rest of it is….well….whatever.

    Those of us that are new to the concept of ‘everyday people green’ are here because somewhere along the line the rhetoric didn’t jive with the overwhelming feeling that there is something wrong with Mother Earth.
    And those of us that have been recycling, riding bikes & the bus, and any number of other ways to be ‘green’, are here because we would like to gel with one another without that kind of usless back-biting.

    Far be it from me to tell folks what to read or how to behave but…..far-right big-mouths and conservatives have a very different agenda than the common man and/or woman.

    Regular folk are better served by the thoughts, ideas and written words of free thinkers, independents and freedom fighters. There’s not much real truth in NEWS these days.

    That of course is just my opinion.

  20. michaelj31 Says:

    I saw this movie last night and I couldn’t sleep. What a rude awakening. I was even more disturbed by the final comments of Mr. Gore, “I only one way to tell everyone, by one person at a time…Blah, Blah, Blah” We are living in the most well connected multimedia platform of a country and he is expecting people to go the theathers. If we are serious about spreading the word about this movie, it must be set free on the internet. If you want to make a real difference, give this message away. Put it on YouTube, and make a big PR push in collaboration with ITunes. I am very disturbed that no one has figured this out, if these steps are not taken then I think this movie is total bullshit!!!!!! Please whoever reads this post….back me up!!!! This movie must be set free, the message is too strong…

    Mr. Gore I know its great to be in the spotlight again and probably making some quick money, but if your serious about this problem, not just trying to get your name on another ballot, YOU HAVE TO RELEASE THIS MOVIE AS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. michaelj31 Says:







  22. Jan Says:


    This report states that water scarcity is now effecting rich and poor countries alike and it will continue due mainly to climate change and poor management, i.e. WASTEFUL practices unless we get our act together. Not only do we as a species waste oil, but water is just as high on that list and water is really the resource we cannot live without. Also, the climate crisis is exacerbating this as many lowlying villages in Asia, India, and other places around the world depend on melt water to feed the rivers… melt water that is decreasing due to rapid melting, off season melting, droughts due to changing weather patterns, etc.

    The other main problem which is also true of the U.S. is old outdated infrastructure. We are so damned obsessed wtih spending money on war, we are neglecting the very areas that truly will sustain our lives. In An Inconvenient Truth, Mr. Gore quotes Winston Churchill in stating that we are entering a period of consequences and that couldn’t be more on target. Our sustainability is at stake. However, let’s just concern ourselves with how big Mr. Gore’s house is while people die for lack of water. The absolute disconnect by some people is mindboggling.

  23. tverdell2 Says:

    Can you guys spread this link around:


    About a week ago, USA Today published a piece by Peter Schweitzer, who’s a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. It accused Al Gore of hypocrisy, for asking viewers of An Inconvenient Truth to scale back their lifestyles and carbon emissions while … well, there were a number of charges. According to Schweitzer, Gore owns three homes and stock in Occidental Petroleum, still receives royalties from a zinc mine on his property, does not participate in the green-power option his utility offers in Nashville, and lets Paramount pay for his carbon offsets.

    As per standard practice, the conservative media machine spread the charges far and wide — most recently they popped up on Glenn Beck’s show on CNN and, bizarrely, in a recurring poll on AOL’s homepage.

    Gore’s communications director, Kalee Kreider, sent a letter to the editor to respond to the piece, but we all know only a fraction of the folks who read the original piece will read the letter.

  24. Jan Says:

    People don’t get global warming.

    So how do we reach those that don’t get it? And how many who may go see An Inconvenient Truth will really get it? And if they truly don’t get it, how do we then expect to bring about the changes necessary to push political leaders to “get it”?

    That is why this film must be shown in every school across this country. That is why this movie must be seen internationally. That is why those of us who do get it need to become more involved in talking to people about this. ( I’ll be handing out flyers for the movie in Philadelphia tomorrow.)

    And that is then why those like the shills from EXXON, CEI, and those who write hit pieces in USA Today with the express intent of deflecting from this issue to stop people from getting it must be challenged at every turn.

  25. mcory Says:

    Now that Paramount has taken in a record amount of money with this documentary it is time to release the film for download. The tremendous cost of film making has now been covered. If you truly want to spread the word about global warming and what each person must do to prevent further damage to the earth, then you will make the film available for free.

  26. thermoguy Says:

    I responded to tverdell on Earthships last week, are blog posts working?


  27. santiago Says:

    I am still completely surprised that the producers (and Al Gore) have not released this movie to the public domain yet (on Google Video, YouTube, and through Bittorrent).

    It’s not like the movie is making too much more money, and really, the only people who go (pay to) see it are the ones who are buying Priuses now anyways. In fact, my group of friends only went to see it because we got these free tickets from Fandango.

    So, to spread the message as widely as possible, I encourage the producers of this movie to release it worldwide. Put it on your website; start Bittorrents. Put it on Google Video. Share it through YouTube.

    Only then will this message be heard.

  28. thermoguy Says:

    Industry blaming Al Gore for not being green enough is done to distract from the issue of climate change. In my own ignorant past I used to wonder at what I called the stupidity of tree hugger environmentalists and now I applaud their stand because they are standing up for the environment that allows me to breathe.

    Industry and economy is afraid of greenhouse gas emission reductions because they assume it means lost jobs, lost revenues, lost taxes, less government services, etc and they are wrong, missing critical data.

    Sustainable means no impact on future generations and what we are doing isn’t just impacting them, we are handing future generations a death sentence. Are you reading about cancer in children of all ages? Go to www.thermoguy.com and scroll down to the Body Burden where you can download a study on babies being poisoned in the womb. They are being poisoned by emissions from global warming, banned pesticides, fossil fuel emissions and the toxicity ratio is 100%.

    I want to know how the same lobbyists that attack Gore and distract from the urgency of climate change go home and face their own children or grandchildren. Do you pick up your son or daughter and tell them you sold them out for a profit? Do you have family with cancers, auto-immune disease or other health challenges? You are participating through emissions.

    Waste water systems aren’t designed to protect your own family from your products. Oil industry should upgrade waste water systems throughout the world in every city to protect us from your chemicals.

    Huge energy is wasted with air conditioning loads, the buildings are under designed for the temperatures they are subjected to and the oil industry supplies demand. Education is needed because energy isn’t being used as anticipated. Al Gore, I surely wish you would contact me. All the environmental laws are there, building laws are there, compliance couldn’t be seen and applications we lectured to medical professionals was to allow municipalities to see energy use for the first time.

    You are missing critical data and are not getting it from advisors, let me help. I am getting more calls about imaging babies with terminal cancer, they need our help.

  29. Jan Says:


    I’ll back you up. This movie MUST be seen far and wide. And it goes beyond all the political rhetoric that we are constantly bombarded with in relation to this movie being tied to “speculative” political intentions. People will lose focus of the issue with all of the politicization of it. I’m with you that this movie must be seen on the Internet, in schools, and anywhere people can be reached with its message, because it is the message that must be seen and heard.

  30. gregcraven Says:

    Agreed. Paramount has recouped its costs.

    This movie must be made available for free.

    How do we make this happen?

  31. plushtown Says:

    When titanic glaciers melt or slide from land to sea, the earth flexes from the weight now dispersed. Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions result. This has happened several times for very long periods. This is decades old information but is not mentioned in Inconvenient Truth nor stressed by Greenpeace, Sierra Club, etc. (Nevertheless everyone should see the movie, and free online sounds inarguable if leaders’ motives were clean.In addition, Soros or such should book theaters and pay people $1 to see it, with the theater owner making his money on popcorn as usual and a donation box to keep the showings going.)

    For prehistory repeating itself, click or google:
    “Greenland’s Ice Sheet Is Slip-Sliding Away ” (LA Times 6/25/06). Note seismic activity at end and idea of Greenland possibly being 3 islands under the 2 miles thick ice , so the center area is 1000′ below sea level (from other source). No discussion of the sea water thus running under and up into the glaciers.  

    “Climate Change Could Cause Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions, Scientists Say” (Ottawa Citizen 7/3/06). (”Could” as in “Gravity could cause unsupported objects to fall.”  

    In neither article is any discussion of possible effects of earthquakes on glaciers sliding, ignoring the inevitable sequence: less weight triggers earthquake, quake causes slide, repeat until arctics are capless.

    “Greenland’s Ice Cap Is Melting at a Frighteningly Fast Rate” (S.F. Chronicle 8/11/06) says said ice is 3 miles thick, and also that it’s melting thrice as fast as 5 years gone (LA Times 6/25 said twice)

    Also see “Glaciers Are Flowing Faster” Nature 9/23/04,  
    “A Bit of Icy Antarctica Is Sliding Toward the Sea” Science 9/24/04, “Dramatic Change in West Antarctic Sea Ice Could Produce 16ft Rise in Sea Levels” Independent/UK 2/2/05.

    Remember the Dubai ports deal in spring? Those buyers are screwed. The owners of the Oriental and Penninsular Steam Navigation Company are orgasmic.

  32. melanesa Says:

    There is a record heat wave in Central Texas for the month of August for days over 100. Crawford is in this area..wake up Crawford ranch…Mr Gore you sold me. I have felt things are not right with all the catastrophies these last few years..
    I am also concerned about the Middle East. with all the bombs exploding doesn’t this have an affect on thye enviroment for all of us. The smoke and residue has to go somewhere. Not to mention the shaking of the ground.

  33. veronica Says:

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post so please bear with me. I am in the UK and was able to see this film today though I understand it it not due for general release until teh 15th of this month. Our local cinema runs a membership scheme wherby you can get ticket to previews, ths was one of those.

    I just wanted to say I found the documentary really interesting not to mention rather scary! it was well put together and clearly extensively researched, well done to all involved. The myth of ‘Al Bore’ is obviously quite ridiculous, he is clearly somebody who cares very much about this subject. I will be recommending this film to my freinds and colleagues and hopefully they will do likewise.
    Best wishes with the campaign, I wil be doing my bit to save our beautiful world.

  34. Lihidheb mohsen Says:

    “Al Bore” is simply ridiculous.
    Have not seen the film, but all witnessed fot its high contribution in future environment awareness.
    Since 1992 I tried to do the same, but beginning with the an eco action on the field.

  35. Earthwalker Says:


    Granted these things have been occurring throughout all of time….problem is…..never has it been so frequent .

    In the annals of the ages these things have happened 1000’s of times but there have been enormous spans of time in between such events, or the duration of the event wasn’t as long as it is today, etc.
    Archaeological evidence as well as the written records of humanity demonstrate our planets history when it comes to storms and tectonic movement, as well as weather patterns and air and water quality through time.

    check out this article in the Forbes Mag. it’s short and sweet.

    Since the industrial age in this country alone has created and disposed of enough chemicals, and been careless enough to find themselves in pollution crisis after crisis. (Anyone remember ‘Love- Canal’)

    Don’t forget it has only been a relativly few years since the concept of “…we might have a problem….” has even been a reality. Before that ALL countries including this one have been illegally, mindlessly, and without forethought or care for humanity, producing and dumping and in general releasing the toxins and poisons from thousands and thousands of compounds wherever they wished!!!

    Hell there wasn’t even any written record of any amount of this waste and or production that accounted with anything that could be considered accurate until this last decade…..and even then I would seriously doubt any corporation has been completely honest about it’s stockpiles and other goodies in the cupboard.

    In just a few generations we as a people have either created or allowed to be created enough poison and garbage and waste and pollution to begin to destroy something that has been floating in space for millennia upon millennia and supporting life like no other planet we know of at this time.

    Truly never in Earths history have we seen the kind of damage and destruction, storms, poor air quality, melting glaciers, rising seas, disease, hunger, and death in a span of time less than 100 years.

    It would be so nice if you were right and we had no real worries because the planet will bounce back and these things are just part of the norm……… somebody would pay millions to see the proof of that so we could go back to living carefree.

    I am afraid though that thoughts like “Whatever” and “..this is just natural..” or “….don’t worry WE have never lied to you about pollution and it’s all OK trust your government….by the way buy some more oil….” these attitudes will only hasten the problem and shorten the future of the generations to come after us.

    We must all come to grips with the facts and forget the blame game….the time for that is coming and those responsible will be brought to Justice and will lose it all to repay the world for their transgressions….for now we must focus on 2 things and work them at the same time.
    Ending the continual production of contributors to Global Warming and the un-doing of past and present damage.

  36. plushtown Says:

    “It would be so nice if you were right and we had no real worries because the planet will bounce back and these things are just part of the norm.”

    Huh? My point is not no worries, but that Kyoto agreement, Greenpeace, Sierra Club etc. proffer distracting and expensive nonsense. Inevitable effects are in the pipeline and that pipeline is ignored by all visible, except in the business deal wherein Dubai’s government was sold the soon worthless worldwide port contracts and facilities of The Penninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, at 20% above assessed value according to mainstream news last spring.

  37. macgyver24 Says:

    Peter Schweizer is a moron…Don’t fall for his spin people!

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