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 :::   HOT News    :::    "NANASALA" witch is one of projects of ICTA will be received to Intitution of Information Technology and Laguage Training  of Alawathugoda Village soon.               :::    HOT News    :::           New Dharma preaching hall of Alawathugoda temple is being built with more donors and villagers help. It will be opened soon.                     :::       HOT  News      :::                       YMBA Alawathugoda received many instruments from various ways to help others. Number of YMBA members is incresed after the meeting of October 2006.                    :::      HOT   News    :::                   Main new hall of " Maranadhara Samithiya" of Alawathugoda will be finished very soon. Members of parliment, provincial council and villagers put thair contribution to build this.  

 Instead of 2550 Buddha anniversary Alawathugoda Poson Perahara was successfully finished at 14th Of June at Alawathugoda.

Visit the Pictures of Perahara of Alawathugoda



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