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The Basics

Question What is a TCG?
Answer TCG is an acronym for Trading Card Game. In a TCG, players collect cards and build their own decks to play against each other. Each deck has its own strategy, which is shaped by the cards a player chooses to include in his or her personal deck.

QuestionWhy a WoW TCG?
Answer World of Warcraft is the most popular MMO in the world. We translated that universe to the card table, and we're confident that hardcore MMO players and TCG veterans alike won't be disappointed. We've done our best to stay true to the MMO in design, and in our TCG, players will find that Paladins are still hard to kill, while Shamans have powers relating to damage, healing, and Totems. Many aspects of the TCG's strategy will be familiar to players of the MMO.

Additionally, by playing the TCG, you can get exclusive items in the online game! (See details below about Loot cards and the UDE Points program.)

Question I've played TCGs in the past, but I quit for one reason or another. Is this game for me?
Answer Absolutely. The evolutionary game engine of the WoW TCG plays very smoothly and is easy to pick up and enjoy. We spent a lot of time maximizing the fun aspects of TCGs and cutting out the frustrating and clunky elements, such as unnecessary phases and not drawing your resources. The result is a game that is easy to understand, yet fun and challenging to play.

QuestionHow do I get started?
Answer To learn the game, check out our How to Play section. After you read the rulebook, download and print out the demo decks to play your first WoW TCG games! The next step is to go straight to your local hobby store to pick up a starter and some boosters to begin building your own deck.

Question What is a Raid Deck?
Answer A Raid Deck simulates the raids players go through in the WoW MMO. The product provides you with everything you need to play as a major dungeon boss. The heroes in the raiding party will need to supply their own decks. In a raid game, one player plays as the raid boss while all other players try to take him or her down. These games are a cooperative effort, and they're some of the most fun you'll have playing a TCG.

QuestionWhat is a treasure pack?
Answer Each Raid Deck comes with one treasure pack. These packs draw from a pool of 33 exclusive foil cards that cannot be found in regular booster pack or starter deck products. Loot cards are randomly inserted into these packs with greater frequency than in Heroes of Azeroth boosters. The three Loot cards are non-foil, and they're the same ones that you would find in a Heroes of Azeroth booster pack (Saltwater Snapjaw, Landro Longshot, and Thunderhead Hippogryph).

QuestionAre treasure pack cards legal for tournament play?
Answer Yes

QuestionI want to get some of the cards exclusive to treasure packs, but I didn't buy a Raid Deck. Will I have a second chance?
Answer Yes. An alternate Tournament Edition of the treasure packs will be available through programs like Organized Play. These packs will contain the same cards, but they will be non-foil. Additionally, Loot cards will not be inserted into Tournament Edition treasure packs.

QuestionHow often will new WoW TCG products be released?
Answer Our plan is to have about three WoW TCG booster sets and three to four Raid Deck¡Vstyle products per year. There will be plenty of new cards available to keep both tournament and casual environments fresh.

Set Size and Rarity

QuestionHow many cards are in the Heroes of Azeroth set?
Answer There are 361 cards in the set. The breakdown is 114 common cards, 99 uncommon cards, 110 rare cards, and 22 epics, plus 16 hero cards.

QuestionWhat do I get in a booster pack?
Answer In a booster pack, you'll get ten commons, three uncommons, one rare or epic, and one regular-size hero (which is considered an uncommon). Each epic card is roughly twice as hard to get as any specific rare card.

QuestionWhat do I get in a starter deck product?

  • 1 UDEck box
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 2 boosters of Heroes of Azeroth
  • 3 oversize, rare hero cards
  • 33-card preconstructed deck for one of the nine classes (The class is random, and there's no way to know which one you'll get.)

QuestionWhat rarity are Loot cards?
Answer Loot cards are legendary. We picked three rare cards and made a second version with a scratch-off code. When you redeem the code you'll get an exclusive cosmetic upgrade for your online World of Warcraft character!

QuestionWhat are my odds to open a Loot card in a booster pack?
Answer Of the three loot cards, one is about equivalent to a rare card, one is roughly epic, and the third is about twice as rare as any given epic card.

Loot Cards and UDE Points

QuestionHow do I get special rewards for playing the World of Warcraft TCG?
Answer There are two ways to get rewards: Loot cards and the UDE Points program.

QuestionHow do the Loot cards work?
Answer Loot cards are special versions of cards in booster packs, starter decks, and Raid Decks. Each one has a unique code. When you enter this code into the website, you will get a unique in-game item for the World of Warcraft MMORPG.

QuestionWhat unique in-game items can I get through the Heroes of Azeroth Loot cards?
Answer There are three cards in Heroes of Azeroth that have Loot card versions. Each card corresponds with a specific reward.

QuestionHow does the UDE Points program work?
Answer Each WoW TCG Heroes of Azeroth booster pack includes a UDE Points code. These codes are worth 100 points each. You will log into your account and register these codes to accumulate points.

QuestionWhat's on the UDE Points cards?
Answer Rather than leaving them blank, we decided to give you something to do with your UDE Points cards. All UDE Points cards can be used to play a mini-game that will change every few sets. The mini-game for the Heroes of Azeroth release is Ninjas vs. Pirates. The rules card for Ninjas vs. Pirates is among the inserted UDE Points cards, and we've also posted it here for your convenience.

QuestionHow do I redeem UDE points?
Answer Log into your account to redeem the points you've accumulated. Different items will have different values. Physical items will require a combination of points and cash (to cover shipping). For example, a unique playmat could cost $10, plus 50,000 points.

QuestionWill all UDE Points items require cash?
Answer No. Most digital items will only require UDE points.

QuestionWill in-game items be available through the UDE Points program?
Answer Yes.

Final graphic still in development

These UDE Points rewards will be available for at least a year, so you can earn them over time.

QuestionCan I redeem my UDE points for the Heroes of Azeroth Loot card items (the flame tabard, hippogryph pet, and turtle mount)?
Answer No, those items are exclusive to Loot cards. Similarly, the in-game items earned through the UDE Points program (the frost tabard, fireworks trinket, and ogre trinket) will not be available through Loot cards. The two programs are separate.

QuestionDo all UDE Points items require me to spend points?
Answer Some items will become available once you reach a certain threshold. For example, if you've accumulated a total of 50,000 points, you could be able to unlock a new forum avatar by spending only 1 point.

QuestionIs my threshold affected by the points I spend?
Answer No. For these items, only your total points accumulated are tracked, regardless of how many points you have used.

QuestionWhat else can I do with my UDE points?
Answer We will have online auctions for unique items such as original artwork.

QuestionWill UDE points apply toward other games?
Answer Yes. You will be able to redeem your points for non-Warcraft items. We plan to use this program for all of our games, including Vs. System.

QuestionHow often will the items in the UDE Points Store be updated?
Answer Frequently. Expect regular updates and new items.

QuestionWill I be able to use UDE points to obtain items that are otherwise exclusive to other programs?
Answer Yes. After many Organized Play promotions end, we hope to offer the promotional rewards through the UDE Points program to give players a second chance to get them.

QuestionAre these items active for an account, or one specific character?
Answer Items are assigned to one specific character.

Organized Play

QuestionWhat is Organized Play?
Answer Organized Play ensures that you always have opponents to face, and that you can find a game at any level. From local tournaments all the way through the World Championships, there are many ways to get involved and participate in tournaments.

Additionally, Organized Play sets standards for game rules and tournament sanctioning. This ensures that all tournaments adhere to the highest standards of play and fairness.

QuestionWhich regions have access to WoW TCG tournaments?
Answer Organized Play is currently offered in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

QuestionWhat kinds of formats are available for the WoW TCG?
Answer Gen Con So Cal will mark the debut of many different Organized Play formats. These formats will be rolled out globally soon after.

QuestionWill the WoW TCG offer cash prizes?
Answer Cash prizes will be offered at the highest level of competition. At Worlds 2007, the winner will receive $100,000 along with the title of World Champion.

QuestionAre side decks allowed in tournaments?
Answer In some Constructed tournament formats, a ten-card side deck is allowed. In some Sealed formats, a side deck will consist of all the remaining cards not used in a player's main deck. In some other tournament formats, a side deck is not used.

QuestionIs there a judge certification program for this game?
Answer Yes. You can take a judge test by clicking here.

QuestionHow does the Honor Ranking system work?
Answer Players will gain honor through participation and success in tournaments. These points can provide rewards such as qualification for major tournaments and exclusive WoW TCG materials in the mail.